Amber Lightbars

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Whelen Amber 54 inch LFL Liberty LED Light Bar

Whelen amber LFL LED 54 inch Light Bar # 686 has 14 LEDs . It has a built in arrow board that uses only 2 wires to function! It has 2 halogen take down lights that also can wig wag. It also has the cruise light feature in corners.  This has a nice long 12 foot cable and standard mounting feet with the locking retainer for bolt. For local pick up only. $999.95 as pictured

Whelen Amber Mini Liberty LED Light Bar

Whelen Liberty Mini Amber LED Lightbar  has 4 amber fully populated LED light heads with 12 bulbs each. Not the standard 9. It has 4 brand new 95 lb magnets and a lighter cord with pattern change right on it. This is in immaculate condition and will last you a life time. Only $649.95 LAST ONE AVAILABLE

 Bright Yellow Cree LED Mini Light Bar

 LED brand new bright yellow mini light bar. This has the newest LED bulbs made by Cree. It has 2 front, 2 rear and side lights for all around protection. This is held on with powerful magnets. Simple to change patterns right from the plug. Fuse protected for quality.  A must for Snow plows, Tow & Road service, Security. List is over $400.00. I have it brand new for $299.95. 

Whelen Amber 55 inch Freedom LED Light Bar

Whelen Amber Freedom 55 inch LED lightbar # 679 has 14 double stacked Amber LEDs. It has halogen take down and halogen alley lights that also can flash if you want with 1 switch. It also has an arrow board that activates with 3 switches, Arrow Left, Right & Center out. This also has LED cruise lights . simple programmable patterns. Lights can be controlled front, rear or both together. Included are a set of factory mounts but I will swap for stud mounts at no extra charge. Lenses are nice and bright as shown. Full 15 foot power and control cable so you know it's legit.This sold for $3,900.00 when new. Now only $1,499.95. Works perfect. I can demo it for you. Too large to ship . Pick up only

Whelen Custom Amber Mini Bar

Whelen custom amber minibar # 659 has 4 linear strobes. The bulbs have no black ends for a long life. Included are 2 clear halogen work lights or back up lights. This bar is a custom build and has 2 alley lights. It has brand new bright amber lenses and a new power cord. The power supply has both quad and turbo flash. This is in nice clean condition to give you many years of use. Mounting feet included. $379.95

Side view of above

Side view of above mini bar # 659

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This has 16 heads of CREE LIN-2 bulbs. This has lighter plug with on/off and pattern switch. Has scan lock to keep the last pattern. This includes the suction cups for dash mounting and the brackets for visor. It is all METAL construction on both the frame and the mounts. NO CHEAP PLASTIC KNOCKOFFS.This is a brand new item and is to sell elsewhere for $995.00. You wont pay that here. I have it for a limited time for $499.95 as an intro price. It is brand new in box.

Stealth Collectible Rare Mini Bar # 643 

Stealth Amber Clear Vintage Collectible Mini Bar # 643 has 2 amber inner top strobes and 1 clear center lower strobe. This has a unique flash pattern and has a brand new strobe pack from the factory. I just restored the lens and it looks great. It has 4 magnets for mounting and a lighter plug with switch. This works great and can be used for plowing or land scaping but it belongs ON A WALL for Collectors !!! Very rare. It is shaped like the Stealth Bomber. $299.95 FIRM

Bar # 642  Code 3  MX 7000  CUSTOM LIGHT BAR With LEDs

Code 3 AMBER MX 7000 bar # 642 is a one of a kind. Features 8 strobes. It also has a clear center lens with an amber rotator that can become clear. This bar is sick ! The builder added 12 amber LED’s in the bottom section. Also included are clear sweeping intersection lights. The builder replaced the Halogen take downs and alleys with HIGH intensity halogen oversized bulbs. It has new magnet mounts as it was used on a security car at a mall. Can be permanently mounted or use clamps. It has a nice long cord.

This cost over $2,500.00 to build. Asking $899.95 Remember, it has 12 led light heads in it !!

Rear of bar # 642 MX 7000

Sho Me bar # 619 is an AMBER LED mini bar

It is in nice clean condition. You can set the patterns and has a quick disconnect cord with lighter plug. These LED’s are extremely bright. 4 powerful magnets are included for easy mounting. This lists for $ 589.95 when new. Now only $ 299.95

Federal TwinSonic Amber Vintage Light Bar # 606

It has 4 sealed beam bulbs. This also has the “ X” mirrors for additional flashes and X pattern. This is from the early 80’s. I spent several hours rehabbing the lenses and they are now nice and see thru. This is for the serious collector but can be put into service if needed. This is very rare, especially in AMBER. Only $499.95

Whelen LED Traffic Advisor 

With 2 end strobes and built in power supply Bar # 570. It has 6 AMBER LED’s and a RED strobe on each end. (lens easily changed). The controller is included which lists for $400.00 alone and the lowest I found it on line was $273.00. the LED Traffic Advisor lists for $800.00 alone from Whelen. All the cables are included. You can run the strobes by themselves or with arrow board. Total list when new was over $1,200.00. I am selling the complete package for $699.95. Remember, you are getting 6 LED amber heads that alone cost over $150.00 each ! Package price $699.95 LED !!!!

Whelen Edge 9000 Bar # 571

This is a 10 strobe 48 inch lightbar. It has 4 amber strobes in rear, 4 in front and 2 clear duplex strobes in front center. It also has 2 amber rear wig wags.2 front halogen work lights included. It has clear endcaps & standard mounting feet. Only $899.95 local pick up only.

Whelen CUSTOM Combo Strobe & LED 50 inch Lightbar  # 563

We started with a Whelen Ultra 6 strobe light bar. We added 6 amber Whelen led modules, 2 front & 4 rear. We also added 2 red LED brake lights that can also flash if you choose. This light also has take down and alley lights. The wide feet are included and you get a set of mounting clamps. This bar would cost you over $2,500.00 to build even if you knew how. We will let this one of a kind light go for only 999.95. ( The LED’s alone cost that !)

Whelen CUSTOM Combo Strobe & LED 50 inch Lightbar  # 563  REAR  PIC.

Rear of above lightbar # 563)

Whelen Patriot or LFL 48 inch AMBER Lightbar # 526 Shell

Make your own LED or strobe bar. You get the frame, Whelen extra large mounting feet, mounting hardware, ( Locking receptacle comes with it, just add clamps or permanent mount. All amber lenses except 2 clear for your work lights. I am including a set of halogen 27 watt alley lights with this. This is a $100.00 added value. Note that Whelen may not be making the amber lenses anymore as they changed over to clear for LED and these are now hard to find. You get everything listed for only $349.95. If you need some strobe bulbs for this I have them for sale separately and can make a package deal.

Whelen ne of a kind beyond loaded edge 9000 Bar # 390 led message board. 

This bar has 2 front amber linear strobes, 2 rear & 2 clear side strobes. Has 8 amber alternating front halogen lights.4 front clear take down that also wig wag. This also has the full size rear LED MESSAGE BOARD with over 40 messages. You also get the message controler & a pccs-9 switchbox for the lightbar. Both permanent mount& back rack mounts included. Cost over $4,880.00 to make . will sell for $1,999.95 FOR LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. CAN NOT BE SHIPPED

WHELEN 12 STROBE AMBER EDGE 9000 ( Bar # 356) Lightbar

It  has new amber lenses with new clear endcaps. Has a front clear piercer to move traffic. This lightbar also has 2 front work lights. This even has alley lights. Only 4 low current switches operate this light. Standard Whelen mounts incl. $ 899.95

Whelen 10 strobe amber custom lightbar # 216

It is  48 inches. Has 10 strobes, 2 red rear wig wags and clear flashing alley lights on clear endcaps. Bar is in pristine cond. Comet flash patern requires only 1 or 2 switches to control the whole bar. Has 2- eb 6 power supplies and standard mounting feet. Very bright with low current draw. Only $ 849.95