Amber Lightbars  And Mini Bars

New, Used, Strobe, LED, Rotator

All Sizes  For Your Plow or Tow Vehicle.

 A must for Road Assist  Fire , EMS or Security

 Whelen, Code 3 , Federal Signal. The Brands Police, Fire, EMS  Use.

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Whelen LFL / Liberty 2 Amber LED Lightbar # 898

Whelen LFL  / Liberty 2 Amber LED Lightbar # 898 is FULLY LOADED. It has separate  wires  for Front / Rear. Has the newest Whelen bulbs available. Has the new 6 bulb take down lights (2) and the newest ultra  thin / ultra bright alley lights. The  T.D  and Alley lights  also have a flash response mode. You can easily custom program each lighthead with a simple  tap of a wire. Also has corner cruise mode.  The Take down & alley light upgrade  alone  would  cost over $900.00.Includes rear arrow board and high / low power setting. It comes  with standard  whelen feet.  This easily cost well above $2000.00  and was made in 2015.very little  use on plow season.  Nice  bright  clear lenses  Bar is 48 inches long to fit almost very application. Lights  up AMBER when on. I also have some extra  Red and Clear  bulbs  I can make a package deal with.   Only $999.95

Amber / Clear Duel Color LED Mini Bar  # 902

Amber  / Clear duel color LED mini bar.  This has 10 patterns and 4 color modes. All amber, All clear, Amber / Clear alternating and Both amber/ clear  mixed in same bulbhead which looks sick !!.  Has a nice long cord  with pattern control and om/off on plug.  Rubber coated magnets stick to roof without scratching the paint.   Brand new item $299.95 Each.     Bar #902 &  # 903  ( i only have 2 available) Pic shows light off

Amber and Clear 2 in 1 LED Mini Bar # 899

Amber  and Clear Duel Color LED minibar # 899. It has 2 separate colors. Easily switch between all amber or all clear. This packs a big punch.  has magnet mounts with rubber base to avoid scratching your roof.  Simple one wire pattern change . Each color can have a different pattern.   This is hard  wired. Simple  hook up and can even be put on a lighter plug if you choose. Brand  new   only $ 299.95    it's like getting 2 lights in 1

Whelen Mini Century Amber Mini Lightbar # 897

Whelen  Mini Century Amber  Lightbar # 897. This is brand new in original Whelen packaging with all the paperwork.  Made in 5/22 . It has 8 LED lightheads for maximum visibility 360 %  around. . Heavy duty magnets hold it to your roof.  It has the on/ off plug and pattern change on the nice long cord.  It's Whelen so it should last forever.    only $ 349.95

Amber / Clear Revolving Full Size Lightbar   (NOS)

Amber / Clear  Revolving halogen full size lightbar.   Has clear outer domes. This is  NOS.  Measures  aprox 48 long. Has 4 rotating halogen reflectors, 2 steady burn "Take downs"  2 rear  Amber  halogen wig wag flashers. 2  clear alley lights.  You can easily remove the amber inner lenses to make   amber / clear   flash. There is  room behind center grill for a speaker if you add one. Included is a full size lighted switchbox. Mounting feet, Clamps and hardware included. It has a nice long cable.  Simple 2 wire hook up !!   only $799.95.  This is  NOS   I bought every one they had left. 

Code 3 Amber CUSTOM  LED  Mini Bar Emergency Light

Custom Made Code 3 mini bar. # 769This is a 6 head amber LED mini bar. it was made from a full size and  cut to 36 inches.   ( Center was removed)  measures  aprox 36 Long  x 12 wide.    It has the full size   Code 3 LED bulbs.  Was  modified  with a Whelen flasher and 2  of Whelen's newest LED take down lights and 2 Whelen alley lights.  ( The best in the industry)Has 2 Code 3 LEDs on corners ( Front and back) and 2 forward facing LED's to  front.   Plenty of room to add more LEDs  if you want.  This Light looks great !  Was custom made  for a friend's  sidewalk plow until he ran out of money and stiffed me. This is a one of a kind.  I'm tired of holding it . Only $ 999.95 before he gets  money and buys it.   FIRST  COME  FIRST  SERVED

Amber/  Green Mini Lightbar 

Amber / Green LED mini lightbar. This is the latest with  half Amber and half Green.  Rare  combo. colors !  This comes with multiple patterns on the lighter plug. Has a nice long cord and heavy duty magnet mounts.  stk #s 834  and 835 .  2 available    Brand New  $299.95  ea. 

Whelen Amber Guardian Mini Bar  

Whelen Amber Guardian Mini Bar . This is brand new in box. It has 2 revolving halogen high power bulbs and mirrors for maximum visibility. This is a must for Landscapers, Snow Plows, Ice Cream trucks or Road Assist. Made by Whelen so you know it will last forever. Simple 2 wire hook up and permanent mount or just add magnets. Brand new $149.95  >>>  LAST ONE. AN OUT OF STATE DEALER HAS BEEN BUYING THESE OUT.  HE HE IS RESELLING THESE FOR $250.00  HE JUST BOUGHT 2 THURSDAY NIGHT LEAVING ME ONE LEFT. THIS IS THE LAST ONE FOR $149.95 if he doesn't buy this last one also.   IF YOU MISS IT I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHERE YOU CAN BUY HIS FOR $250.00 <<

Amber/ Clear Mini Lightbar 

Amber / Clear LED mini lightbar. This is the latest with both amber and clear on all sides. Even the sides have both colors !  This comes with multiple patterns on the lighter plug. Has a nice long cord and heavy duty magnet mounts.  stk #s 830 & 831 & 832   Brand New  $299.95  ea. 

Whelen  6 Strobe  Mini Bar with Magnet Mounts 

Whelen   Amber mini lightbar.  Stk # 811. This has 6 strobes . 2  facing front, 2 Facing rear and  FULL Linear strobes out each side. These normally come  with 4 that are slanted. . This way you get FULL protection all around. Was red on a vol. fire car. This now has a brand new amber lens kit and a set of the newest style magnet mounts with 4 powerful magnets. A simple switched  long lighter cord is included. It has the latest Whelen Comet flash quad flash then jumps into rapid and then back  AWESOME !!!.  A must for plows.   Made by Whelen  so it wont burn out in a month like cheap knock offs.   Excellent condition as pictured   $ 499.95   Firm

Federal Signal Amber Highlighter LED Mini Bar

Federal Signal Highlighter Amber LED Mini Lightbar # 798. This has multiple High intensity LEDs. you can easily change it's many patterns.  Has on/off switch on long corded lighter plug.  Great for landscapers and snow removal. only $379.95 as pictured. 

Amber / Clear LED 48 Inch  Ultra Bright Light Bar

Amber / clear 911EP LED 48 inch lightbar # 758. This has custom clear / amber combo. Includes amber arrow board on rear, Alley lights , pattern change and mounting feet and clamps.  Nice long cable with simple hook up. This was $2,300.00 new just in 1 color. Selling for $999.95 This is very bright and has no dead spots. All light. Very bright in daytime 

Tomar  Amber LED  48 Inch  Light Bar  Fully Loaded

Tomar LED 48 inch amber lightbar # 793  is a fully populated LED light bar. it has the arrow board functions on rear, flashing Halogen  take down lights  and has steady burn  Halogen  alley lights and take downs.  Flashing  Amber intersection LED lights. simple to hook up . Nice long cable.    Was $2400.00 new   now  only $ 999.95 as shown. The light heads alone  cost $200.00 each !  See below  pic  for rear  lit up

Rear of Tomar Lightbar Lit Up

Pic of Rear of above TOMAR  LED Lightbar # 793

Whelen Edge Amber / Clear  Mini 4 strobe Mini Bar # 780 With Clear  Halogen Wig Wags

Whelen Edge Amber  / clear mini bar # 780 . I just put in the latest quad strobe alternating flash power supply and added a Flashing Mother board to power 2 Whelen Halogen wig wag  front (or rear) lights. I just got this from a customer on a trade up. The top has been " Davified" and looks better than new.  It has clear endcaps for extra protection at intersections and from getting T - Boned. Has 2 permanent mount feet but you can easily add magnets if you want or use your back rack. This is bright as hell.  Single owner light.  Only $ 379.95 

Amber  Clear LED Mini Bar  Ultra Bright

12 head amber / clear LED mini bar.  # 825  .    NEW   NOT USED  This has many great patterns and the controls are on the lighter plug. it has a nice long heavy cord. Not cheap garbage.  Includes extra fuses  for plug ! it is ultra bright. it has a magnet base and an extra rubber cover so you wont scratch roof.   it has a heavy outer dome that will last. it is Amber / Clear  every other lighthead  with 3 bulbs in each.    Improved design !  only $299.95 each.

pic is the light off  pic below  shows it on 

Pic of above bar # 825   on !!

Pic of bar 825  ON     see above  

Amber 14 Head LED  T I R 3 Lightbar With Arrow Board

14 head AMBER led TIR -3 high power lightbar # 777 has 6 front & 6 rear TIR -3  bulbs.The endcaps have full visibility . It has the full controller with multi patterns & arrow board. The TIR optics are visible in all angles. This has a 6 month warranty. This size in TIR has been discontinued. You can easily get replacement bulbs and controller as the 22 head version is the best seller and will always be made in TIR. Other sizes switching to the LIN bulbs. Yes, I have them !. comes with mounting feet and extra long clamps . Last one available $ 729.95

Amber LED 14 Head Minibar  Ultra Bright

Amber LED 14 head Ultra Bright mini light bar. It has 6 heads in front & 6 in rear. Corners have full led’s so no blind spots. This has the newest high power LIN bulbs that pack a punch. Simple to operate and change patterns all on controller on the lighter plug. NO WIRING !!! includes the mounting feet and extra long clamps. Mounts are fully adjustable. 6 month warranty against Manufacturer’s defects. Brand new $ 729.95

NEW ITEM !!!   AMBER   10 head TIR 3 Ultra bright Super Slim Minibar.

 Has 4 heads front/back and 2 on sides. Measures aprox 21 inch x 4.5 inch from front to back so you don’t smash your sunroof. Has ultra strong magnet mounts and multi pattern changer on cord with lighter plug. All amber $ 599.95   IN STOCK !  Now available  as an advanced order in all Red for our Firefighters $ 599.95 !  6 month limited parts & labor Written Warranty !! 

Whelen  Traffic Adviser

Whelen Traffic Adviser full size arrow stick bar # 750. This has 8 Halogen amber light heads with the painted arrows on each end. This uses the Whelen Twist n Lock bulbs for simple replacement. Plugs into your controller or buy one from me at a discount if you buy the stick. Includes a nice long cable with the all important connector you must have to make it work. (when you buy on line, some people cut this off and you’re screwed) has the 2 mounting brackets included. Only $279.95

Code 3  Amber 58 Inch LED  Lightbar

Code 3 Amber LED 58 inch Light Bar # 747 has 10 LED high power light heads. I have modified this lightbar to include 2 Code 3 LED RED Brake, Running and Turn signals. I also added 2 Code 3 Halogen rear facing Work lights. This is perfect for a tow truck. It has the DOT required Brake, Tail Turn  built in. I polished the lenses and applied UV protectant to resist yellowing. I painted the clear tops to guard against sun damage and wires drying out. Outer dome lenses on top are amber. Center was clear now black. Was mounted to a back rack but I do have feet available if needed as an option. This is a must for any snow plow that wants to be seen. Was over $2,100.00 when new. Now only $ 999.95 Local pick up only. Too long to ship. 

Pic of REAR of light # 747

Pic of  REAR of above light bar # 747

Work lights are recessed back and not visible in photo

Code 3 Amber Mini Strobe Bar

Code 3 amber mini strobe light bar # 745. It has 4 strobes. This is the nice thin light. I added 4 brand new 100 lb magnets to it and a lighter plug with switch. Has a nice long cable as it was perm mounted, has an awesome pattern. Only $ 389.95 as seen

Whelen Amber   LED  Strobe 1 Direction Light Bar  

Whelen Custom Strobe LED Light Bar# 738. This is one direction only. Was mounted on back of plow truck. It features 2 end strobes, 2 middle LED’s and 2 clear halogen back up lights. This is a custom size of 40 inches. I reconditioned the frame with salt resistant paint and looks great. I polished the lenses and applied U.V. protectant to avoid fading. Simple 3 wire hook up . The mounting feet are included. A must for a sander or dump body when plowing. Only $299.95 for all this. Note the power supply is worth $200.00 alone used ) you get everything for $299.95

 Bright Yellow Cree LED Mini Light Bar

 LED brand new bright yellow mini light bar. This has the newest LED bulbs made by Cree. It has 2 front, 2 rear and side lights for all around protection. This is held on with powerful magnets. Simple to change patterns right from the plug. Fuse protected for quality.  A must for Snow plows, Tow & Road service, Security. List is over $400.00. I have it brand new for $299.95. 

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This has 16 heads of CREE LIN-2 bulbs. This has lighter plug with on/off and pattern switch. Has scan lock to keep the last pattern. This includes the suction cups for dash mounting and the brackets for visor. It is all METAL construction on both the frame and the mounts. NO CHEAP PLASTIC KNOCKOFFS.  CLOSEOUT WHILE THEY LAST . NORMALLY $ 999.95 NOW 1/2 PRICE ONLY $499.95. I CAN NOT GET MORE

Bar # 642  Code 3  Excalibur  CUSTOM LIGHT BAR With LEDs

Code 3 AMBER Excalibur  bar # 642 is a one of a kind. Features 8 strobes. It also has a clear center lens with an amber rotator that can become clear. This bar is sick ! The builder added 12 amber LED’s in the bottom section. Also included are clear sweeping intersection lights. The builder replaced the Halogen take downs and alleys with HIGH intensity halogen over sized bulbs. It has new magnet mounts as it was used on a security car at a mall. Can be permanently mounted or use clamps. It has a nice long cord.

This cost over $2,500.00 to build. Asking $899.95 Remember, it has 12 led light heads in it !!   LOCAL PICK UP ONLY

Rear of bar # 642 Excalibur

Whelen LED Traffic Advisor 

With 2 end strobes and built in power supply Bar # 570. It has 6 AMBER LED’s and a RED strobe on each end. (lens easily changed). The controller is included which lists for $400.00 alone and the lowest I found it on line was $273.00. the LED Traffic Advisor lists for $800.00 alone from Whelen. All the cables are included. You can run the strobes by themselves or with arrow board. Total list when new was over $1,200.00. I am selling the complete package for $699.95. Remember, you are getting 6 LED amber heads that alone cost over $150.00 each ! Package price $699.95 LED !!!!

Whelen CUSTOM Combo Strobe & LED 50 inch Lightbar  # 563

We started with a Whelen Ultra 6 strobe light bar. We added 6 amber Whelen led modules, 2 front & 4 rear. We also added 2 red LED brake lights that can also flash if you choose. This light also has take down and alley lights. The wide feet are included and you get a set of mounting clamps. This bar would cost you over $2,500.00 to build even if you knew how. We will let this one of a kind light go for only 999.95. ( The LED’s alone cost that !)

Whelen CUSTOM Combo Strobe & LED 50 inch Lightbar  # 563  REAR  PIC.

Rear of above lightbar # 563)

Whelen Patriot or LFL 48 inch AMBER Lightbar # 526 Shell

Make your own LED or strobe bar. You get the frame, Whelen extra large mounting feet, mounting hardware, ( Locking receptacle comes with it, just add clamps or permanent mount. All amber lenses except 2 clear for your work lights. I am including a set of halogen 27 watt alley lights with this. This is a $100.00 added value. Note that Whelen may not be making the amber lenses anymore as they changed over to clear for LED and these are now hard to find. You get everything listed for only $349.95. If you need some strobe bulbs for this I have them for sale separately and can make a package deal.

Whelen One of a kind beyond loaded edge 9000 Bar # 390 led message board. 

This bar has 2 front amber linear strobes, 2 rear & 2 clear side strobes. Has 8 amber alternating front halogen lights.4 front clear take down that also wig wag. This also has the full size rear LED MESSAGE BOARD with over 40 messages. You also get the message controller & a pccs-9 switchbox for the lightbar. Both permanent mount& back rack mounts included. Cost over $4,880.00 to make . will sell for $1,999.95 FOR LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. CAN NOT BE SHIPPED     >>  WILL CONSIDER REASONABLE OFFER   <<<<