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>> Many  Whelen strobe bulbs are no longer in production<<

Get them before the dealers buy them up <<

Tomar  Amber  / Clear 3 x 7  RECT 37Halogen Light Head

Tomar  RECT 37  3x7  Amber / Clear halogen bulb assembly for Heliobe Light bar. Comes with 2 halogen bulbs. You can change to strobe as Tomar is interchangeable. $69.95 in halogen

Tomar Rare Green / Amber 3 x 7  RECT 37Halogen Light Head

Tomar rare RECT 37  7x3  green / amber halogen bulb assembly for Heliobe Light bar. Comes with 2 halogen bulbs. You can change to strobe as Tomar is interchangeable. $69.95 in halogen

Whelen  Clear 400 Series LED's

  Clear 400 series LED light heads / modules for your Whelen Freedom LED Light Bar. This is the 6 over 6 configuration. Being clear they are extremely bright. I have 5 available for $169.95 each. When they go they go. Don’t delay. Make your Whelen Freedom seen from space. 

Sho Me  Red Grill Complete Strobe Package

Sho Me RED Grill Strobe Complete Package. This is BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE. You get 2-RED strobe heads that you can easily mount on bumper, behind grill, on roof rack or back rack, rear bumper and many more places. Also included is the power supply and TWO 15 foot sections of strobe cable. You also get all mounting brackets and even the on/off switch. Complete package. Nothing extra needed. A MUST for the Vol.  EMT or Fire Fighter.  This sells normally for between $250.00-$300.00. You get the complete package for $149.95. The 2 strobe bulbs alone cost $50.00 each if bought separately. You get the WHOLE PACKAGE for $149.95 BRAND NEW

Whelen Edge 9000 Strobe Corner Bulbs

Whelen Edge 9000 & Mini Edge corner strobe heads, Replace your burned out light while you can still find these. These are in pristine condition, ( sorry, pic is reflecting the background as the lens part is like a mirror). I am including the riser mount free so you can mount it to any Edge or Mini Edge or 9 M. I have 4 available for $49.95 each first come first served. 

Whelen Clear  Vertex LED's

Whelen Clear Vertex hide a way or surface mount LED’s. you get a used pair fully tested. Has multi patterns and synch able. Only $99.95 a pair. I have 2 sets available.

Whelen Blue Freedom Corner SUPER LED Heads 

Whelen Freedom Blue LED corner 6 over 6 bulb heads. These fit the Whelen Freedom or Whelen Freedom Ultra. They have the “ Super LED” bulbs. I have 4 available at $159.95 each or will make a package deal.

Whelen Alley Lights With Blue  or  CLEAR LED Cruise Lights

Whelen 9m Alley light set with BLUE LED cruise / running lights. I have never seen these. They clip right into a 9M endcap or can be siliconed into a regular end cap. Has halogen alley light ( 400 series) and has BLUE lens over 5 CLEAR LED running light modules on each side of alley light for front / back. Just unscrew the blue cap and they will become CLEAR to use with ANY 400 series endcap you have. These are insane $ 129.95 for a pair.

Whelen Blue 400 Series LED Heads

 Whelen 400 series BLUE LED light heads, These are the 6 over 6 for your Whelen Freedom . Can fit other applications and can even be mounted into the Whelen Edge. 2 styles, one style has the bar across, not pictured. please specify style. These list new for $329.95 each. I have 17 available for $149.95 each in great condition. Can make a package deal 

Whelen Red LED 700 Series Head

Whelen 700 series red led. Has programming prong. Comes with mounting bezel & gasket. Only $79.95

Whelen Red 500 Series 5 MM Heads

Whelen red 500 series 5 mm LED light head. Fits LFL, Liberty, Patriot. Only $79.95 for PAIR 2 sets available.

Whelen LFL Corner Strobes

Whelen  Corner strobes.. Fits LFL, Liberty, Patriot. Only $99.95 for PAIR  2 sets available.  No longer in production, Why throw out the bar when all you need is a bulb?

Whelen Clear LFL Corner LED Set

Whelen LFL / Liberty Clear corner LED’s. These are the long fully populated ones. They are in great shape. Only $279.95 for the pair !

Whelen Amber Hide a Way Strobe Bulb

Whelen used amber screw in hide a way strobe bulb. I never list these but they are hard to find. $29.95 as shown

Blue TIR-3 surface mount LED

Blue LED TIR-3 light head with built in pattern changer $29.95 brand new.

Tomar AMBER strobe Bulb/ Reflector

Tomar AMBER replacement strobe bulb. Sell new for $109.95. This is used but in mint condition $59.95

Whelen Amber 700 Series  LED

Whelen Amber 700 series LED light heads. Each has 8 bulbs $149.95 for pair as shown.

Whelen Clear 700 Series  LED

Whelen clear 700 series LED light heads. Each has 8 bulbs $149.95 for pair as shown.

 Slim Line Red TIR 3 Light Set

Red slim line TIR 3 LED grill lights. Has multi pattern wire. These fit nicely into even small grills. A must for Fire Fighters.   $89.95 for pair. Very bright

Whelen Lin 6 Red Clear Light Head

Whelen lin 6 Red / Clear LED light head. This has multi patterns and synch wire. Works nice. Sold as shown. Has rubber gasket ion back also. $39.95

Whelen LFL / Patriot Strobe Traffic Pre Emption

Whelen Traffic Pre emption for the LFL series LED or Patriot Light Bar. Turns red lights to green. This uses the 500 series linear strobe bulbs. You get a pair along with the Pre emption power supply and a 15 foot power cord. You also get the option of regular strobe flash and the instant off mode when in park so you don’t keep tripping the Opticom. By purchasing this you certify you are authorized to use and possess this device. For Police & Fire use only. Would cost over $900.00 when new now only $499.95

Whelen LED Red BTT  Light Head set 

Whelen BTT LED 500 series brake, tail, turn with Smart LED to flash the brake light if you choose.  only  $179.95  for  pair. Simple 3 wire hook up.​ 

LED Amber & Blue 500 Series LFL Lights

Whelen 500 series split blue amber Lin 6 bulbs for your LFL Light bar. These have 2 sets of plugs. One set for each color. Amber was meant to go to traffic arrow but you can do anything you want with it . I have 4 heads made in 11/14 and one made on 08/11 These are very rare but I am letting them go for $99.95 each. I will make a deal on all 5

LED Amber & Blue Deck Lights

Amber & Blue LED Deck lights. These each have 8 high power Cree bulbs in them. Simple 1 wire pattern change. These are great for rear window to avoid collisions. They are in nice condition as shown. 2 wire hook up. Low current draw. $129.95 as shown.

Whelen Red 700 Series  LED  B T T Heads

Whelen red 700 series BTT Brake, tail, Turn LED light heads simple 3 wire hook up. Has rapid pulse brake setting for extra attention. These work great. There is some silicon on bottom that was used by ist owner to install them that you can easily remove with razor blade or just leave it. Sold as shown $179.95 for PAIR

Whelen LFL Halogen Alley Light

Whelen lfl series replacement halogen alley light. The slide in bracket is included $ 39.95

Whelen Blue LIN -6  LED's Liberty

Whelen 500 series blue TIR -6   6 LED light heads. These fit Whelen LFL or Liberty LED bars. I have a pair in perfect condition for only $169.95 for BOTH.

Whelen Red 500 Series Corner LED's Liberty

Whelen 500 series red LIN 12 fully populated corner 12 bulb light heads. These fit Whelen LFL or Liberty LED bars. I have 1 available for $169.95

Amber LED Marker Light Package with Flasher

Amber brand new set of 11 led marker / clearance lights. This set has 11 brand new amber LED’s with mounts. Bulbs still in sealed packages. I Will also throw in a LED flasher and a wiring harness at no cost. You get the whole package for $99.95

Whelen 6.75 in Strobe Tube / Bulb

Whelen 6.75 inch strobe tube / bulb. I have a brand new strobe tube that presses into the 6.75 inch reflector for your Whelen Edge 9000 series light bar. These are very hard to find and I have 4 brand new ones in original packaging. I have seen these on line from $59.95 all the way up to over $100.00 . I have 4 available for $44.95 each FIRM. I can no longer get these.

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Tomar Rect. 3 x 7 Blue & Clear LED Smarthead

This has aorox 36 patterns. half is blue and half clear. comes with chrome mounting flange & rubber gasket. Can be surface mounted or will fit the Tomar 960 Lightbar. new these sell for $259.00 each bulb. I will let them go for $299.95 for a PAIR and I include the mounts & gaskets. Shippable !

Tomar 7x3 8 Head GREEN LED

Has the smarthead with many patterns Built in. These were custom made for me by Tomar and lenses are clear till turned on.I paid $520.00 for the pair. Will let them Go for $399.95 for the pair. This was a custom color.I have the receipt to show the cost. These were mine

Tomar 7x3 8 Head RED LED

 Has the smarthead with many patterns Built in. I paid $520.00 for the pair. Will let them Go for $399.95 for the pair. Barely used I have the receipt to show the cost. These were mine.

Tomar red strobe clear halogen 3x7

Like new condition $ 59.95

Tomar 3x7 blue strobe/clear halogen 

$ 69.95 was in a display bar. Mint condition.

Tomar red corner strobe 3x4 $ 39.95

Whelen red 3x4 micro strobe $ 34.95

Whelen edge 9000 bulb assembly with 4 linear strobe bulbs included

You add the rest of what you want to build $ 199.95 as pictured for set of 4. > Multiple sets available< > Quantity discount !

whelen assorted bulb display

Here are more bulbs we carry. Prices are based on style and condition .bulbs start at $9.95 and go to $59.95 depending on how hard it is to find. We have bulbs for bars made over 20 years ago. They no longer make them. Don’t throw away a lightbar simply because you cant find a bulb. We may have it !!

High intensity LED replacement lightheads

These are 8 bulb ultra high intensity LEDS. They are meant to be wired into a LED flasher. Great way to make your own led bar. Available in Amber, Red, and Clear. Only $99.95 each Brand new. Package price available on a few.

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