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 Whelen- Federal Signal- Code 3 And More

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Rare Red/ Red Visor Strobe with Clear ring flash  Brand New

Alert Collectible  RARE Red /Red strobe visor light. This is new old stock. Has lighter cord, all mounts and paperwork. Even the box. it has a clear ring around the 2 red bulbs for a great looking flash. Has alternating quad flash. awesome to go into use or for your wall. Brand new $ 99.95 each. . only 2 available 

Whelen  Large Amber  Strobe Beacon with Cage.  Brand New

Whelen Massive strobe beacon. This has a built in power supply with the Quad flash. This is made for construction industry and has the metal brush cage  around it. Great for tree companies. This has a metal base, not plastic. it is  brand new . Sells  for close to $400.00 from dealers. I  have one  for only  $ 199.95  BRAND NEW

Amber High Power LED Beacon Brand New

Amber high power brand new LED Beacon. This has multi pattern that are sick ! extremely bright. I got this from buying out a Whelen dealer. There is no box but i believe it is Whelen  as that's all he sold.  Has the mounting hardware and no scratch pad to cushion any vibration.  Brand new $ 199.95

Whelen Amber 12000 Strobe Beacon Brand New

Whelen Model 12000 amber strobe beacon for roof.  This is brand new. Has quad flash.  This is the brightest strobe whelen made. Simple 2 wire hook up as it has built in power supply. All mounting hardware is included , Even a switch. Brand new $ 199.95

Sound Off Signal Duel Amber STROBE Dash / Deck Light

Sound Off Signal duel amber strobe. This is brand new. Comes with both windshield mirror style mount, suction cups, rear deck Z bracket, adhesive and other hardware not in pic. Uses 2 outlets on your strobe pack. Very long cord. $159.95

Sound Off Signal Halogen Dash / Deck Light

Sound off signal halogen duel head deck light This has 2 halogen bulbs. wires into your flasher or leave steady burn. The lenses have small cracks around screws that I siliconed. ( not in pic) Wont affect performance. Long cord  Brand new. $59.95 not a typo only $59.95

Bright Lime Reflective Safety Vest

I have bright Lime reflective mesh safety vests. These are mesh to keep you cool in summer. It has the bright reflective silver stripes both horizontal & vertical for maximum visibility. Fully adjustable Velcro straps give you the perfect fit. A must for road assist or tow. I brought these in to easily I.D. your VOLUNTEERS AT THE COVID  19 TESTING STATIONS for testing and traffic control. Only $11.95 each or 2 for $20.00 A must for C.E.R.T & MRC Volunteers.

Tomar Amber  LED Brand New Dash Light

 Tomar Amber LED Dash light. This is brand new in original Tomar box. Has all the mounts. Lighter plug and pattern change button on the unit. This is super bright with 8 TOMAR high power LED’s . Has split patterns also. I did a trade and am selling it at what I paid for it $199.95 The Smart Head Bulb alone cost more than that .

Sho Me  Red Grill Complete Strobe Package

Sho Me RED Grill Strobe Complete Package. This is BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE. You get 2-RED strobe heads that you can easily mount on bumper, behind grill, on roof rack or back rack, rear bumper and many more places. Also included is the power supply and TWO 15 foot sections of strobe cable. You also get all mounting brackets and even the on/off switch. Complete package. Nothing extra needed. A MUST for the Vol.  EMT or Fire Fighter.  This sells normally for between $250.00-$300.00. You get the complete package for $149.95. The 2 strobe bulbs alone cost $50.00 each if bought separately. You get the WHOLE PACKAGE for $149.95 BRAND NEW

Sho Me 1 Million C.P.  Red Strobe

Sho Me brand new quad strobe emergency light. This has the magnetic base. Simple plug in lighter cord. Has metal plate so you can attach it to a non magnet surface and still use the magnet for quick removal. This is 1 million candle power and very bright. A must for the Fire Fighter / EMT. I special ordered it for someone that did not take it and am selling it at my discounted cost of only $99.95. This is brand new and has box and all paperwork

LED 10,000 Lumen Head Lamp /Bicycle Light 

LED 8900 lumen Head Lamp. Designed for Search and Rescue use, this waterproof ultra bright light has 7 LED’s . Can easily light up a wide area 800 feet away. It has a 6000 Mah Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and can last 12 hours on low and one hour on high. You will probably never use the high mode. The low setting is very bright. It also has a high power strobe mode. The charger Is included. The light weight battery easily straps to your body, belt or bike. The head strap for light is included. This also has a bicycle mount for your police, Fire, EMS bicycle. Great for your personal mountain or street bike. Don’t be confused with cheap imitation knock offs. The head strap is made by one company and is found on every light from $5.00 knock offs to $300.00 top of the line. You get everything pictured including the bicycle mounts. This is a professional grade rescue product and lists for $289.95. I have it brand new for only $129.95. This is a Limited time offer. Introductory price. 

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Dynamax EMT Trauma Bag

Dynamed Medical trauma bag. This has many compartments for all your trauma gear. I am using mine to hold an Oxygen tank and all my supplies and I still have room. Measures aprox. 28 l by 12 w by 11 high bur will stretch out with gear. It has the rubber bottom so you can put it down on wet surfaces and not ruin everything. This has the reflective Scotch light strip for safety. A must for the EMT. I bought a bunch when a company was discontinuing this style and I can no longer find them . They went for $159.95. I have 2 brand new ones still in package and will sell for $99.95 each.

Amber Twin Beam Emergency Light

Twin beam amber revolving light. 35,000.00 C.P. Has a bright halogen bulb and 2 rotating reflectors. Permanent mount. Great for Ice Cream trucks, Bobcats, Bucket Loaders. List is $129.95. Only $ 79.95 in amber Brand new. Can be shipped Priority Mail. Protect the children and your customers at your ice cream truck. A must for construction Bobcats. I only have 3 available. Blowing them out at $79.95 each while they last   A MUST for ICE CREAM TRUCKS.   NEW LAW ABOUT TO PASS IN  MASS.   MANDATORY  to have amber dome light and rear flashers.

 >>>   ONLY 1 LEFT <<<

Sound Off Headlight Flasher

Sound Off Alternating high beam flasher. Brand new in box. They included a plug you don’t need. Simply cut plug and direct wire. Can be used as a heavy duty alternating flasher also for many applications. $49.95

Federal Blue Signaltech Visor LED Light

Federal Signaltech Blue LED visor light This is brand new with all mounts still in package. 1st gen LED by federal. Has multi led diodes. These will not blind you or make your interior look like a lightning storm but provides the light needed to move traffic. Only $99.95 




Whelen LED Ballast & Flasher Unit

This powers up the LED BALLAST bulbs or older Liberty or LFL light bar. Changes from 12 volt to 16-45 volt for unbelievable brightness. These are the led’s found on State Police cars. This will power two- 500 series BALLAST light heads. These also have multiple flash patterns . These are no longer in production and went for $300.00. Impossible to find. Why throw away your light if you only need a ballast? I have a brand new one for only $159.95.

Whelen Clear Dash Strobe

 Multi pattern with mounts. Brand new still in box $149.95.

Whelen Red Duel Dash King

This has 2 strobe heads with multi patterns and mount. Brand new still in box $199.95

Whelen Red Dash King Strobe

Multi pattern brand new still in box with mounts. I have 1 available $149.95

Embroidered Fire Department hats

 One size fits all. We have 5 black, 1 navy, 1 white& 2 beige. They are only $10.00 each. We have 4 more black with a second logo embossed on the side for only $12.00 each.

Kidsmart Talking Smoke Alarms

Wakes up your child and gives instructions in YOUR familiar voice. Studies prove that 14 out of 20 will not wake up and the other 4 will go back to sleep. You can record “ meet me out front, Don’t hide under bed or closet, GET OUT NOW, or any message you choose. A must for elderly or dementia patients that won’t recognize a beep. I just did a fire show and these sell for $40.00 each. I have 2 left and will let them go for $19.95 each . Can be shipped. Uses standard household batteries not included.

Firefighters Shut Off Tool

This USA made tool is all aluminum and shuts off gas, water, and utilities. Brand new $49.95 We only have one left out of a dozen. Don’t delay. Can be shipped

Lime Green Reflective Magnetic Arm Band

This band easily wraps around either a bare arm or your jacket. This is a must for road assist, EMS, Fire or anyone that is on a highway. Keep one in your car and just wrap it on when you need protection. Will not damage even the softest jacket. NO PINS , it’s magnetic and attaches to itself. These normally list for $14.95 each. I have them brand new for $9.95 each. Great for Hikers and wilderness adventures if you ever get lost. 

Sound Off Signal 

Sound Off Signal Brand new alternating flasher with DRL. $49.95

Red Running Lights

Red pair of running lights or just add a flasher. Brand new. $19.95 for pair.

Whelen 690 Power Supply

This has 6 outlets at 15 watts each. this is brand new in the box and i will let it go for $149.95

Blue Halogen Dash or Deck Light

This is brand new and coms with power cord for lighter. Still in original packing. Made by Sound off $39.95

Whelen Clear 110 Volt Strobe Head

This is a double flash pipe mount and is brand new. Only $99.95

Complete Body Camera System

This small but powerful camera is small and compact and resembles a Blue tooth style device. It records both audio and color video. Includes a 4 gig micro sd card. Long lasting Lithium Ion battery. Easily recharges from the USB cable also included. Records in the common AVI Video format for playback on all computers. Also includes mounts for home or business use and can be used as a webcam. Cameras are now being used by many Police Departments to avoid false charges of excessive force or improper language. Get the proof to defend yourself in a “He said, She said” situation. This could save your career, reputation and home in the event of a false accusation. A must for Security guards, Park Rangers or anyone that deals with the public. This also can document Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Get the PROOF you need to stop the abuse once and for all. You can also document domestic abuse and violence. YOU NEED PROOF to back up your story.  REMEMBER THE SUPREME COURT JUDGE CONFIRMATION.  NO PROOF . INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. This is a professional system used by law enforcement and easily retails for over $170.00. I have a limited supply brand new for only $99.95 brand new in the box. Can be shipped priority mail to anywhere in the US for only $9.95 flat rate priority mail postage

Whelen blue Dashmiser Strobe Head

Whelen blue Dashmiser strobe head series 500 with long cable & connector. This is brand new. Uses one port on your power supply. Linear tube for maximum output. Comes with nice long new cable $99.95 ea. I have 5 available. Will consider package deal.

AMBER LED Emergency Light

This now has 16 high power LED green bulbs surrounded by an AMBER inner prism lens for maximum effect and protected by a clear outer lens to protect against road hazards. This is the newest heavy duty version. Magnet mount with lighter switch. A must for snow vehicles . $129.95 * This is 33% brighter. now 4 additional bulbs in base !! 6 month written warranty.

Green LED Emergency Light

 This now has 16 high power LED green bulbs surrounded by a green inner prism lens for maximum effect and protected by a clear outer lens to protect against road hazards. This is the newest heavy duty version. Magnet mount with lighter switch. A must for security vehicles . 6 month written warranty $129.95

LED DRL Driving Lights

These use little current. Be seen for added safety. Can also be used as an extra set of back up lights. Mounts included $59.95 for pair. Brand new!

Set of CLEAR LED Lightheads

 Add to the interior of your lightbar for that modern look. Added safety. Led flasher included. Can also be used inside vehicle . Only $99.95 for the pair brand new. Only 1 set available

Whelen Edge Lightbar Accessories

LED brake, turn, running lights for your Whelen Edge lightbar. This is a brand new kit with 2 – 8 inch LED inserts. Comes with 25 feet of wiring harness. Simple hook up. A must for tow trucks and flat beds as required by DOT. Brand new $ 149.95.

6 Head 120 Watt Strobe Kit

Comes with 6 new style push in bulbs for simple installation. Has 6 strobe cables with connectors included. Multi pattern 120 watt power supply is also included. It even has the control switch for on/off and pattern change on your dash. Only $349.95 >> Available with 4 AMBER bulbs & 2 clear (total 6 bulbs) for $399.95 <<< Includes 6 month written warranty

10 Switch Lighted Heavy Duty Switchbox

This is the MOTHER of all boxes. Has 10 lit rocker switches individually fused. Easily handles 100 amps.

( Not that you could even find enough lights to draw that. ) even comes with mounting bracket $ 149.95

Blue Talon Style L E D Dash Light

Blue Talon Style L E D dash light with mounts and flash back shield. Multi patterns. Brand new only $ 179.95 ONLY ONE LEFT

Whelen Tall Red Quad Flash Red Strobe

Brand new $99.95 Great for collector or to rebuild a Fire Truck. Built in power supply.