New Arrivals

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Whelen Beautiful 48 Inch Strobe Light Bar

Whelen Edge 9000 48 inch bar # 716 has 4 strobes and 8 halogen wig wags. This lightbar features 4 strobes and 4 halogen wig wags on both front and rear. Separately wired so if the strobes were to ever fail, you still have 8 halogen flashing lights. Can run on 1,2,or 3 switches. Simple hook up. I completely refurbished this bar to give you years of service. I replaced the power supply and a strobe tube. Added feet with clamps and bolt retainers to lock it to your roof without drilling. I washed and polished the lenses and they are in super condition for a used light. I reconditioned the top and put a coat of nice light bar paint for a new look. You get 14 + feet of cable that will fit from the roof to your switches. I am blowing this out for only $479.95. Local Pick up ONLY no shipping.

911 EP Red / Amber Collectible Mini LED Light Bar

911 EP collectible LED light bar # 682 has 11 LED amber modules in the front / corner and 11 Red LED modules in the rear and corner. It has 2 clear alley lights. This measures 34 inches long and you can’t quite call it a mini bar. This comes with the LED interface. Without it the light is useless. Other vendors do not include the interface if you can even find these. This is commonly referred to in the collectible as “The Dogbone” due to it’s shape. Very hard to come by. Valued at over $900.00 , I will let it go for $599.95. The mounting feet as shown are included. This can easily go into service but really belongs on a collectors shelf.

Whelen  Amber Edge 9000 Lenses With Painted Arrows Factory Made. : Rare 

Whelen 16 inch amber lenses with black painted arrows. This is hard to find. Fits the Edge 9000 and these lenses are no longer in production. I cleaned and polished them and they look great. Only $49.95 for the PAIR

Whelen  EB -6 Replacement Power Supply

Whelen SL-6 Replacement power supply. Powers 6 outlets in your Edge 9000 strobe light bar. I got a great deal on a parts bar and can let this go for only $99.95, This price is for this one ONLY Stk # PS 090218001

Whelen programmable Siren

Whelen siren. This has all the features. Simple 4 wire hook up. It has working PA mic. 6 programmable tones at one time. I think you get 16 to pick from. I loaded it with the 3 regular and then powercall, mechanical, phazer . this is the police version siren, loud as hell. This one has the center console mount that is worth $30.00 alone. Sold as shown . works great. $199.95 stk sir 072918001

Whelen Talons  Blue Led Dash lights

Whelen Blue TALON LED dash / Visor or deck emergency lights. These are very bright. Same style bulbs that go in roof light bar. Easily change patterns with the push of a switch. Hard wired to connect to your own switch. Has the flash back shield and Visor clip mounts as shown. Was in a U/C Detective car and never on a detail so very little usage. Only $149.95 for the PAIR.

Whelen Clear LFL Liberty Lens kit Like New Cond.

Whelen LFL Liberty clear 48 inch lens kit. This is in pristine condition . rated 9.9999 out of 10. You get 4- 15.75 inch sections and 4 – 5.75 inch sections. The end caps are crystal clear. Endcaps have the gaskets. You get all the needed dividers and 8 torque star bolts for the endcaps. I never get these in this condition. Was barely used and vehicle stored inside so no U.V. fading $189.95 FIRM stk LK 073018-001

Whelen Blue Led Dash King 2000

Whelen Blue Dash King 2000 LED dash or deck emergency light. This has 2 rows of BLUE LED’s top and bottom. Easily change patterns with the push of a switch. Has on/off switch but you can leave it on and connect to your own switch. Has the flash back shield as shown. Was in a U/C Detective car and never on a detail so very little usage. Only $149.95

 Federal Signal Mini  Amber Light Bar

Federal Signal amber mini lightbar # 715. It has 2 revolving halogen bulbs. Has 4 powerful magnets to keep it from flying off and a nice long cord with lighter plug. In mint condition as shown $119.95

 Amber LED Slim TIR-6 Surface  / Grill  Light Set Special

Amber LED slim TIR-6 surface mount LED’s. you get a set of 2. They have 18 patterns and are synch able, great for grills or small places that larger LED’s wont fit. Brand new in box with all gaskets and hardware and those all important instructions. You get the PAIR for $149.95. I only have a few at this price, Don’t delay

Vintage Hughey and Phillips Tower Light

Rare Red collectible vintage fire tower lights. These were originally on a radio tower circa 195os as an aircraft warning. It was shortly removed and put on a shelf. It was made by Hughey and Phillips in Burbank CA. it has the twin red glass lenses. Type OB 22. The base is in great condition. A pole mount was added and it has 2 household bulbs in it as a working display. I have it priced to sell at $99.95. It is extremely clean as shown. I bought it for myself but have no place to display it properly.

Bradford Exchange Collectible Plate

Bradford Exchange “To the Rescue” fireman’s plate display. This was made in 2002 and in original Styrofoam packing box. Includes COA. Plate is brand new and never displayed. It is very collectible . only $49.95

Whelen Amber Double Flash Strobe

Whelen amber double flash beacon. This has a magnet mount and long cord. Only $89.95

Whelen Traffic Advisor Controller w/ Mounts

Whelen traffic advisor controller. This one has the revised patterns. I am including the console mounts that cost an additional $30.00 if you had to buy them. Only $179.95

Whelen Cencom Red remote siren

Whelen Cencom RED siren and switchbox. This is in great condition. You get the PA mic with the full extension cable if you remote mount it. You also get the control head.It has all the power cables and function cables except the low current traffic advisor cable. This is easily found on Ebay or on many sites. They accidently left it in the truck when they pulled siren. The brand new programming cd comes with it. This controls many functions including lights and accessories as well as a built in siren and airhorn. Only $299.95

Code 3 Replacement remote siren

Code 3 remote siren and control head. This was pulled from a firetruck before trade in and they would not let me cut wires. it has no cables. I am selling it as a replacement for your burned out unit or to replace your remote head. It is model 39XX. You can also order the cables on line. I am selling this super low for only $199.95 so you can use it to replace your burned out one.

Coaster Vintage 6 Volt Siren and Light

Coaster vintage 6 volt mechanical siren. I believe this is circa 1950’s which I saw on line. This is very large. The siren spins and functions. The red front bulb takes a G.E. 6-8 volt 4516 clear bulb and needs to be replaced. Someone tested it on 12v. and blew it. Very common bulb as it is still made for flashlights. There is a motor that makes bulb turn that works but may need a belt or adjusting. Light and spinner is a separate wire from siren. This has the original badging. Serial # C – 601 Model C 6. Mfg. by Federal Electric Co. Chicago IL. This is very collectible. Valued at 8-$900.00 . I am willing to let it go for $599.95 as shown. Too heavy to ship. For local pick up only. I can test this for a second with 12v so I don’t burn out motor. Spins freely with no lag or fighting to start up. Perfect for a restoration of a fire truck or the serious collector. Again, only $599.95 in condition as described and shown. See below pics also.

Front View of above coaster siren

front view of above coaster siren above

Badge on above coaster siren

Badge on above coaster siren above

Whelen  Edge 8000 Vintage Collectible Light Bar

Whelen Edge 8000 Vintage collectible light bar. Bar # 710 has been fully restored. The lenses are nice and shiny as shown. All bulbs and motors work and runs smooth. It has the clear window for clear flash. This style has the full retainer for lens. Not little 2 inch clip. The original feet and suction cups are included. I am only asking $499.95 for this and has been valued much higher. CAN NOT SHIP. Pick up in MASS ONLY

Federal "Q" Mechanical Siren 12 Volt with Brake

Federal “Q” mechanical siren. This is a Federal 12 volt “ Q” siren. It came off of a fire truck and is fully working and ready to go back into service. It has the electric BRAKE so it will not take 5 minutes to wind down like the cheaper models. It spins freely with no lag. It is in great condition as shown. It is perfect for the collector or the volunteer fire fighter that just has to have the biggest toy. The “Q” is the loudest siren made. Over 3 mile range !! lists new for $2,000.00 - $2,300.00. I will let it go as shown for $1,199.95. For local pick up only in Woburn MA. Or will ship to a municipality for the freight cost.

Fire Fighters Collectible Medallion with Red Light

Fire Fighters Collectable Large Medallion. This has the Firefighter’s cross with a new red 12 volt bulb. A must for your mancave. I have never seen one . only $99.95

Whelen 72 inch Edge 9000 With Stinger.

Whelen Red Edge 9000 72 inch (6 foot) light bar # 711. This has 6 full size linear strobes on front and 2 Linear strobes on sides. All 8 strobes work great. It also has a clear Halogen Stinger for the ultimate in traffic and intersection clearing, There are no strobes on back side as it was on the front cab of a Fire Dept Dive truck and body blocked the rear. The light itself has little actual run time usage. There are 2 amber lenses on rear if you want to move them to front. If you need a 6 foot light for a wrecker, you can easily re lens this. Only $699.95 VERY CLEAN

Tomar Green Light Bar

 Tomar Green strobe light bar # 710 has 6 green strobes2 front , 2 rear, 2 corners. It has 5 green halogen flashers, 2 amber and 1 clear. Also has 2 clear take downs and alley lights.. The mounting feet and clamps are included. Has 2 power settings. Bright and insane. The power supply is worth what I am asking for the whole lightbar alone. Only $599.95 for the complete working light. TOO heavy to ship. For Pick up only.

Rear pic of Above Tomar Bar # 710

Rear of Tomar Bar # 710 above

Whelen Large Red & Clear Strobe Head Set

Whelen red and clear large round strobe set. These have built in running lights. Uses 2 outlets from your power supply. Was on the back of a pumper truck and very bright. Only $119.95 for pair

Whelen Tall Red Strobe 

Whelen round tall large red strobe. This has double flash and hi/ lo power setting. Only $69.95

Whelen Red Strobe Light

Whelen red double flash round strobe. This has 2 power settings. Very bright. Came off a fire truck. Only $69.95 and works great

Whelen Red Strobe Light Wide

Whelen round large red strobe. This has double flash and hi/ lo power setting. Only $69.95

Whelen Red / Clear split end cap  Edge 9000

Whelen Edge 9000 rare red / clear split endcap. The gasket is included. $69.95 stk ec. 061218008

Whelen Red Strobe Light Head

Whelen red strobe light head. Uses one outlet on your power supply $59.95

Whelen Alley Lights With Blue or CLEAR LED Cruise Lights.  

Whelen 9m Alley light set with BLUE LED cruise / running lights. I have never seen these. They clip right into a 9M endcap or can be siliconed into a regular end cap. Has halogen alley light ( 400 series) and has BLUE lens  over 5 CLEAR LED   running light modules on each side of alley light for front / back.  Just unscrew the blue cap and they will become CLEAR to use with ANY 400 series endcap you have.  These are insane $ 129.95 for a pair.

Whelen Green LED Talon Dash Light

Whelen GREEN LED Talon. This is in great condition. Has flash back shield. Has plug with on /off switch or you can hard wire. Multi patterns change at the push of a button. Has last pattern memory. Was $329.95 new now $199.95

Green Full Size LED Interior Visor Light  

Green LED interior full visor LED bar # 707 has 10 LED heads. There are 4 green and 1 amber on each side. This features a “take down” steady burn green on outer led with the push of a button. Has multi flash patterns and a 3 direct arrow board. The flash back shields and duel mounts are included. Simple 2 wire hook up. Only $299.95

Whelen Bumper Mount Strobe Set 

Whelen red forward facing strobe lights. Uses 2 outlets on your power supply. The mounts are included $59.95

Whelen Blue Freedom Corner SUPER LED Heads 

Whelen Freedom Blue LED corner 6 over 6 bulb heads. These fit the Whelen Freedom or Whelen Freedom Ultra. They have the “ Super LED” bulbs. I have 4 available at $159.95 each or will make a package deal.

Red 911 EP LED Light Stick

Red 911 EP 4 head LED light stick. This has a nice long heavy duty cord. It has 2 mounts as was in back of SUV. Very bright. A must for the fire fighter or medic. Only $129.95

Whelen Blue 400 Series LED Heads

 Whelen 400 series BLUE LED light heads, These are the 6 over 6 for your Whelen Freedom . Can fit other applications and can even be mounted into the Whelen Edge.  2 styles, one style has the bar across, not pictured. please specify style.  These list new for $329.95 each. I have 17 available for $149.95 each in great condition. Can make a package deal 

Whelen Amber / Red  Flat Lighter Visor Strobe

Whelen amber / red Flat Lighter visor strobe. This is hard to find. An oldie but goodie. It has the lighter plug, on/off switch on the light. The lenses alone are about $50.00 for the set just to replace. This is in great condition and only $99.95

Whelen Red 8 Strobe 9 M Lightbar # 706

Whelen 50 inch red 8 strobe light bar # 706 is a 9M light bar. It has 6 strobes to the front, 2 strobes to the rear. The rear also has 4 wig wag halogen bulbs. Included are 2 clear Take Down lights on front and 2 alley lights. You get a set of standard mounting feet with the retainers and locking hardware if you choose to add clamps. A nice long cable is included. I did a professional restoration on this and the lenses are now nice and shiny, The top of the bar looks brand new. Great for a call fire fighter or EMT. I am selling this below the cost of just the 2 power supplies. The bulbs alone are worth that the price of $449.95 for everything. That’s right , the whole working lightbar , only $449.95.

Whelen Red  Edge Lightbar 9M   REAR

Rear of Red lightbar # 706

Whelen Red 500 Series 5 MM Heads

Whelen red 500 series 5 mm LED light head. Fits LFL, Liberty, Patriot. Only $79.95 for PAIR 2 sets available.

65 Watt HID Off Road / Marine Work Lights

65 watt HID massive work lights. These are HID not LED . they war 9 inches in diameter. These are great for off road or marine use on the water. They are ridiculously bright. Do you have any idea how bright a 65 watt HID is.  The reflector is so clear you can see my shirt in the pic. These are for local pick up only or will require special packing and shipping. Brand new in 2 separate boxes. $169.95 for pair. Stud mounts included. 

Whelen Red Grill Strobes- Brand New

Whelen D-15 RED Grill Strobes. I have a brand new pair still with the protective film on lenses. Only out of bag for pic. These are no longer made. If you want to replace your broken set get them now. These are hard to come by. If you want a great response light, just add a power supply and you are ready to go. Underpriced at $129.95 for PAIR 

Whelen Red LED Slim Miser - Single Pattern

Whelen RED LED Slim Lighter. This is a great dash or deck light. It is hard wired but you can easily add a plug. This one has only 1 pattern. Only $79.95

Whelen Red LED 700 Series Head

Whelen 700 series red led. Has programming prong. Comes with mounting bezel & gasket. Only $79.95

Whelen Red LED Slim Miser - Multi pattern

Whelen RED LED Slim Lighter. This is great dash or deck light. It is hard wired but you can easily add a plug. This one has multiple patterns. $129.95

LED Red/ Clear / Red / Clear Candycane light  Stick

LED 4 head light stick # 704 has r/c/r/c/ candy cane colors. Easy to change many patterns. The mount is included. Was $399.95 when new. Now $159.95

Whelen Red Ultra End Caps

Whelen Red Ultra end caps. Theses have the alley light clear window. They ate the long 12 inch ones. The gaskets are included and not dried out. I just polished the endcaps and they are bright and shiny. Only $99.95 for the PAIR stk # EC 051518001

Whelen Red Micro Max lenses

Whelen Micro Max Red lenses. These fit the Micro Max strobe head. I have a nice pair with gaskets that just arrived. This is my only set . $19.95 with gaskets.

Whelen Red Dash Master  !!!

Whelen red Dash Master. This is a twin head strobe with double alternating flash. The mounting bracket is included. Has lighter plug. This works great. I am blowing this out at only $129.95. the bulbs alone are worth $50.00 ea used. This is no longer made and I get many calls for these. $129.95 is lower than my usual price so get it now. Can be shipped priority mail.

Amber Halogen Mini Bar

Amber mini bar # 705 has 2 halogen revolving reflectors. In the center is a mirror for more flashes. This is a simple 2 wire hook up or just add a plug. Comes with both suction cup and magnet but I would use the magnets. Nice clean lens. Great condition. Priced for a quick sale at $99.95

Code 3 Amber LED Arrow Stick

Code 3 Amber LED Arrowstick bar # 703. The XT310BAB lists for $744.00 right on the Code 3 website without the controller that lists for $250.00 ++ totaling around $1,000.00 this light has 8 heads of 8 bulbs. 6 heads are amber for arrow left, arrow right, center out and flash. It has 2 heads of blue on the ends that activate with another wire to a switch. This means you can run this Arrowstick without ever connecting the blue. Perfectly legal if blue is never connected. This is very bright . I am including the controller in the package. I am only asking $499.95 for the whole package. Save over 50%

Havis Center Console Package fully loaded !!

Havis Full size center console. This is in “ Like new “ condition. It measures 30 long by 9 wide by 12 tall. This comes with every option. My friend bought this in late 2015. He paid $499.00 just for the console. Included is the optional slide mount which cost $129.00 more, 3 face plates that cost him $90.00 total. You also get the double cup holder that cost $40.00 more. There are 2 arm rests that he paid $130.00 for. There are 2 brand new radio side mounts at $35.00 a set included still in bag. You also get a 90 amp power fuse center for 6 radios or lights. Included is a nice speaker for your radio. The speaker alone is another $79.00. This fits full size SUV’s and medium to light trucks. Was in a Ford F-150. This is close to a $1,000.00 package. I am selling the whole thing for only $349.95. Local pick up ONLY. Too big to ship. >> $349.95 <<

RED  LED Compact Interior Visor Light

Red LED interior compact visor light. Bar # 702. This one is only 15 inches each side so it should fit past the back up camera box on some Tahoe’s. the LED’s are super bright. This is all metal construction. Flash back shield and mounts included, it is brand new still with wrapping over the LED’s. simple to operate. sells for $599-$699 elsewhere A MUST for the Call Firefighter or EMT. Only $499.95 BRAND NEW

Havis Medium Center Console

Havis center console. Measures 18 l x 9 wide x 6 tall. Comes as shown. Can not be shipped. Just add face plates that I also have here at discount. 33% off face plates I just threw a fresh coat of paint on this to make it look great. Only $49.95 as pictured

Whelen AMBER 700 series LENSES

Whelen amber 700 series lenses. These replace your illegal red ones when you buy an ambulance for a plumber’s or construction truck. Avoid the $300.00 fine when caught. Fits both strobe and LED 700 series that is aprox 7x3. You get all 4 for $99.95

Sho-Me Blue LED Dash / Deck light

Sho – Me LED blue dash / deck warning light. This has many patterns with the push of a button. Very bright and reliable. This was hard wired. $119.95 as shown.

Whelen LFL  Amber Endcaps w Alley Lights

Whelen LFL / Liberty Amber endcaps. These include the built in halogen alley lights , an $80.00 value at no extra cost. The gaskets are included. These are in great condition as shown. Stk # EC 050618003 $119.95 for pair

Whelen  RED LED Beacons L-32

Whelen RED LED beacons. These are the L 32. They are like new. Made on 4/17. Customer bought them 10/17. Used them barely 7 mos. I bought them 5/18. They are LED have multi patterns and are synch able. Uses bolt mounts included . These are perfect. They look new ! I am selling the PAIR for $349.95

Whelen DMP 3 S Rare blue strobe

Whelen DMP 3 S deck strobe. This is the rare one that has 2 strobes on the ends and a clear halogen in the center. This comes with the “Z” brackets. It is nice condition. I haven’t seen one in years. I may be able to swap the blue lenses for red if I still have them when you order. The power supply is built in. you can even add a flasher to halogen wire if you want to make it unique. Only $249.95 

Whelen Amber 360% mirror mount strobe Set

Whelen amber strobe mirror mount set. You get 2-round amber Whelen 360% strobes, Genuine Whelen mounts and 2 nice long sections of Whelen strobe cable. I am including a 4 outlet Whelen Comet flash power supply in case you want to run more strobes. It came with a 2/20. I am throwing in a 4 outlet 60 watt quad flash pack that alone was over $100.00 new. Uses easy to replace Hide A Way strobe bulbs that are included. Just plug and play. A Must for Dump Truck plows on highway. Only $149.95 for all this.

Whelen Clear LFL Corner LED Set

Whelen LFL / Liberty Clear corner LED’s. These are the long fully populated ones. They are in great shape. Only $279.95 for the pair !

Blue TIR-3 surface mount LED

Blue LED TIR-3 light head with built in pattern changer $29.95 brand new.

Whelen GAMMA 2 Siren

Whelen GAMMA 2 brand new siren. This is brand new and comes with many different features. It is small and compact, a huge value for your money. Multi tone and airhorn. I am even throwing ion a new face plate mount for center console, a $30.00 value free. Only $149.95 Installation manual included.

Whelen Amber Hide a Way Strobe Bulb

Whelen used amber screw in hide a way strobe bulb. I never list these but they are hard to find. $29.95 as shown

Whelen LFL Amber Endcaps With Alley Lights

Whelen LFL / Liberty Amber endcaps. These include the built in halogen alley lights , an $80.00 value at no extra cost. The gaskets and bolts are included. These are in great condition as shown. Stk # EC 050618002 $129.95 for pair

Whelen AMBER LFL Lens Package

Whelen LFL / Liberty lens package. This is exactly what you get. No more, no less. Four amber 5.75 inch sections, One clear 5 inch section, 5 Amber 10.5 inch sections. I am throwing in 9 black dividers with nice clean foam gaskets. You get everything listed and shown in picture. Only $99.95 as shown 

Carson SA 500 Siren

Carson SA -500 siren. This has noise canceling pa mic and multi siren tones. It is missing the plug that was left in the car when I got it. It is a $10 or $20.00 part .I only want $99.95 for siren without plug.

Havis Center Console  With Fuse Box

Havis center console with 150 amp fuse box. This was made in 2012 and fits chevy impala 06-2012 +++. Also fits Chevy Suburbans and many other vehicles. A faceplate is included. Only $89.95

Whelen Blue 400 series LED Surface Mount Lights 

Whelen 400 series blue LED surface mounts. Blue bulbs behind Blue lenses. These are Smart heads. Multi pattern and can synch.  Mounts included.Just add stainless steel bolts to mount.  You are also getting BOTH rubber gaskets. . very bright. $149.95 for pair.

Whelen Red Talon LED Dash Light

Whelen RED Talon LED dash light. This has power cord and easy pattern change on light. Has the flash back shield. Went for $299.95 when new. Now $129.95 as shown

Whelen Traffic Advisor

 Whelen Traffic Advisor controller Model TACTLD-1 control head. This has the extra face plate mount for your center console which is an extra $30.00 value. This sells for $299.95-$350.00 on line. I have it in great condition for $149.95 as shown. Easy install manual included.

Whelen Amber Clear Slim Miser LED Dash Light 

Whelen Amber / Clear LED Slim Miser dash light. This is the TIR -6 duel head style. Amber /Clear is not common. This sells for anywhere from $349-399 when new. Multiple patterns. I have it in great condition for only $199.95 with lighter plug as shown.

Blue LED dash or deck light. 

Blue LED dash or deck light. Single pattern and hard wired $99.95

Tomar AMBER strobe Bulb/ Reflector

Tomar AMBER replacement strobe bulb. Sell new for $109.95. This is used but in mint condition $59.95

Whelen Red Endcaps

When red end caps with gaskets for Edge 9000. Stk # EC 050618001 $49.95 for PAIR

Whelen Rare 4 Female Pin Mic

Whelen Rare 4 female pin mic. $49.95 very hard to find


  Tomar BLUE rear deck Strobe light set. This has 5 Tomar blue large strobe bulbs. The same ones used it their roof Light Bar. This has the Tomar plugs and easily plugs into YOUR Tomar power supply. You can also hook it up to a Tomar arrow board power supply if you want. This went for over $795.00 new as the bulbs cost $109.95 each new. Nice long original cord not chopped up. Only $279.95

Whelen RED LFL Lenses

Whelen LFL Red lens kit. I have 16 sections of Whelen LFL lenses. This is exactly what you get. 2 red 5.5 inch sections. 12 standard 5 inch red sections. 2 clear 5.5 inch sections. I am throwing in the clear sections into the deal . the clear need a little more cleaning. You are not paying for them . The entire package is $69.95 I washed and polished all lenses but the clear need a little more TLC. Stk # LK 042818002

Whelen Amber Clear  Slim Miser LED Dash Light

 Whelen Amber / Clear LED Slim Miser dash light. This is the TIR -6 duel head style. Amber /Clear is not common. This sells for anywhere from $349-399 when new. Multiple patterns.  This is HARD WIRED.  I have it in great condition for only $179.95 as shown.

Whelen Amber LED  TIR 3 Set

Whelen amber Tir -3 led light heads. These have multi patterns and are easily programmed. They will synch to each other. They come on a license plate bracket for easy mounting. Only $99.95 used as shown.

Whelen Red Freedom Mini  Bar

Whelen RED mini LED Emergency Light Bar # 695. This bar is 28.5 inches long by 10 inches wide. It has 10 WHELEN double stack 6 over 6 LED heads. All heads are RED except 2 in middle rear are Amber over Red. You can flip them to red over amber. Currently in X pattern. Amber pierces thru the fog for extra protection. The sides have FULL 6 over 6 heads in red, not a bulb that angles for limited flash. This lightbar is all clear till activated and lenses are in incredible condition. 4 powerful magnets hold it in place. Simple 2 wire hook up and a pattern change wire. Nice long cable. A must for the Fire Fighter or EMT who wants the best. WHELEN ! This is many times brighter than strobes. Only $1,499.95 in MINT condition.

Amber LED TIR 9 Light Head.

TIR – 9 LED 3 over 3 High Power Emergency light head has 11 patterns. Scan lock holds last pattern. You can synch 2 or 4 heads together. Simple to mount on back rack, bumper, rear dash, inside grill or in many other places. 1 year warranty. You can mix or match colors. Available in Amber, Clear, Red or Green. These are very bright. The power of 3 TIR 3’s ! Only $99.95 Each.

Clear LED TIR 9 Light Head.

TIR – 9 LED 3 over 3 High Power Emergency light head has 11 patterns. Scan lock holds last pattern. You can synch 2 or 4 heads together. Simple to mount on back rack, bumper, rear dash, inside grill or in many other places. 1 year warranty. You can mix or match colors. Available in Amber, Clear, Red or Green. These are very bright. The power of 3 TIR 3’s ! Only $99.95 Each.

Red LED TIR 9 Light Head.

TIR – 9 LED 3 over 3 High Power Emergency light head has 11 patterns. Scan lock holds last pattern. You can synch 2 or 4 heads together. Simple to mount on back rack, bumper, rear dash, inside grill or in many other places. 1 year warranty. You can mix or match colors. Available in Amber, Clear, Red or Green. These are very bright. The power of 3 TIR 3’s ! Only $99.95 Each.

Green LED TIR 9 Light Head.

TIR – 9 LED 3 over 3 High Power Emergency light head has 11 patterns. Scan lock holds last pattern. You can synch 2 or 4 heads together. Simple to mount on back rack, bumper, rear dash, inside grill or in many other places. 1 year warranty. You can mix or match colors. Available in Amber, Clear, Red or Green. These are very bright. The power of 3 TIR 3’s ! Only $99.95 Each.

Whelen  LFL  IO Board  Bargain Deal

Whelen LFL IO boards. Also known as Mother boards. These came out of a working LRD lightbar. I got a great deal on these. Replace a burned out board today. I am even including all INTERNAL wiring that I get $100.00 alone for . I am selling both the board and wiring for $99.95. I have 4 available at this price only. Stk #s MB 032817001,002,003,004

Federal VIsta 4 outlet Power Supply

 Federal Vista 4 outlet internal power supply. This just arrived and I rarely get these. I will let it go for $99.95 plus priority mail shipping flat rate box $15.00

Whelen WE Can LFL  IO Board 

Whelen LFL WE CAN IO board. Replace a burned out board or upgrade to the WE CAN. I have 2 available. Made in 3/12 and 3/13. I am including the internal wiring harness with this. Only $199.95 each. I also have the 16 foot power/ controller cable available for $99.95 additional . if you are replacing a WE CAN you already have the power cable. If you are upgrading, you need it.

Whelen WE Can LFL 16 Foot Power  Cable

Whelen LFL WE CAN 16 foot wiring cable set. You get both the power cable and controller cable with connector. A must if you have a new bar with short or missing cable. I only have 3 available. Only $99.95 each .

Whelen Amber 500 Series Surface Mount LED's

Whelen amber 500 series smart LED’s . These are surface mounts. Can also be used in the Whelen Liberty or LFL. Easily mount to your vehicle for many uses. These were made in January and February 2018. Customer bought them from his local dealer and can not return them. They did not fit a crazy project he was making. He paid $149.95 each plus paid for the mounts. I traded him for something he can use and can sell them to you for $75.00 each. I will include the mounts free. These have pattern change wire and a synch wire. These are new. Only taken out of package. Lenses are amber at all times. I can make a package deal. I have around a dozen. These are WHELEN so you know they will work.

Code 3 MX 7000 Amber Dome

Code 3 MX 7000 AMBER dome. This is a brand new outer dome for your Code 3 MX 7000. I have a few left and that’s it. Only $69.95 each plus ship.

Code 3 MX 7000 BLUE Domes

Code 3 MX 7000 BLUE domes. These are a set of 2 outer domes. In nice condition as shown. Not faded junk. Only $69.95 for PAIR. Plus ship. 

Federal 8 Head AMBER Arrow Stick

Federal Signal AMBER 8 Head Arrow Stick. This has 8 halogen heads. I put 2 brand new bulbs in it. Included is a Code 3 controller which has more features than the Federal. This works with a simple 2 wire hook up. The light stick can be used outside. Can mount o a back rack or on the rear of a Federal Vector Lightbar. Only $169.95

Led Duel Head  HIGH POWER  Dash Lights  NEW COLOR   AMBER / GREEN  !!!

High power AMBER / GREEN LED dash or deck light. NEW COLOR !!! This is very bright. It has duel TIR - 4 head. Has simple to change multiple patterns and a nice long lighter plug cord. It has both suction cup mounts and side mounts for use on rear and side windows also. Bulbs are clear when off. This is super bright which is hard to catch the flash on camera. Comes with a full 1 year warranty yet in 8 years I never got a return yet. Has flash back shield for your wind shield. Bulbs have same power as the full light bar on roof. A must for snow plows and road assist or security. Only $199.95

RED LED Emergency Dash Light

Red LED 12 bulb 4 head emergency light. This is very bright. Has windshield suction cup mount included. Looks great in a back deck also. Many patterns that are easily changed with the push of a button. Scan lock memorizes the pattern you set when off. Was direct wired but you can easily add a plug if you want. I am setting this right to the rock bottom price of $99.95. First one with cash gets it. NO HOLDING IT . A must for the Firefighter or EMT

Whelen LFL Clear LFL Endcaps with Halogen Alleys

Whelen LFL or Liberty clear endcaps. I am including the 500 series halogen alley lights with the set. Just plug and play. The gaskets are also included. I normally sell the endcaps for $80.00 alone and the alleys for $40.00 alone. I will let the set go for $99.95 WITH THE BULBS ! stk EC 021718004

Whelen LFL Clear LFL Lens Set

Whelen LFL clear lenses. You get FOUR 15.75 inch lens sticks. I cleaned and restored the side facing you and they are about an 8 out 10 rating. I am letting the set of 4 go for $79.95. Stk lns 021718003

Code 3 MX 7000 Blue Center Dome

I have a few Code 3 Blue center domes. These are the Domes / lenses that go in the muddle of your MX 7000 . Each light has 2 outer and at least one center dome. These are hard to find and may even be out of production. I have a few Brand New still in the wrapper for only $49.95 each plus shipping. 

Blue LED High Power Light Set

Blue LED high power light set. These easily mount on a bumper, back rack, rear deck and many more places. Simple bolt installation. All mounts and switch included. This has alternating quad flash pattern. This is brand new in box. List is $249.95. I have one set available for $159.95 Long cables and flasher unit included. Simple 2 wire hook up. 

I also have One set in GREEN for $159.95 also

Whelen Amber Mini Liberty LED Light Bar

Whelen Liberty Mini Amber LED Lightbar  has 4 amber fully populated LED light heads with 12 bulbs each. Not the standard 9. It has 4 brand new 95 lb magnets and a lighter cord with pattern change right on it. This is in immaculate condition and will last you a life time. Only $649.95   LAST ONE AVAILABLE

Whelen Amber 700 Series  LED

Whelen Amber 700 series LED light heads. Each has 8 bulbs $149.95 for pair as shown.

Whelen Clear 700 Series  LED

Whelen clear 700 series LED light heads. Each has 8 bulbs $149.95 for pair as shown.

 Bright Yellow Cree LED Mini Light Bar

 LED brand new bright yellow mini light bar. This has the newest LED bulbs made by Cree. It has 2 front, 2 rear and side lights for all around protection. This is held on with powerful magnets. Simple to change patterns right from the plug. Fuse protected for quality.  A must for Snow plows, Tow & Road service, Security. List is over $400.00. I have it brand new for $299.95. 

Amber Twin Beam Emergency Light

Twin beam amber revolving light. 35,000.00 C.P. Has a bright halogen bulb and 2 rotating reflectors. Permanent mount. Great for Ice Cream trucks, Bobcats, Bucket Loaders. List is $129.95. Only $ 79.95 in amber Brand new. Can be shipped Priority Mail. Protect the children and your customers at your ice cream truck. A must for construction Bobcats. I only have 3 available. Blowing them out at $59.95 each while they last . Lowest price ever !

LED 10,000 Lumen Head Lamp /Bicycle Light 

LED 10,000 lumen Head Lamp. Designed for Search and Rescue use, this waterproof ultra bright light has 7 LED’s . Can easily light up a wide area 800 feet away. It has a 6000 Mah Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and can last 12 hours on low and one hour on high. You will probably never use the high mode. The low setting is very bright. It also has a high power strobe mode. The charger Is included. The light weight battery easily straps to your body, belt or bike. The head strap for light is included. This also has a bicycle mount for your police, Fire, EMS bicycle. Great for your personal mountain or street bike. Don’t be confused with cheap imitation knock offs. The head strap is made by one company and is found on every light from $5.00 knock offs to $300.00 top of the line. You get everything pictured including the bicycle mounts. This is a professional grade rescue product and lists for $289.95. I have it brand new for only $129.95. This is a Limited time offer. Introductory price. 

LED Amber & Blue 500 Series LFL Lights

Whelen 500 series split blue amber Lin 6 bulbs for your LFL Light bar. These have 2 sets of plugs. One set for each color. Amber was meant to go to traffic arrow but you can do anything you want with it . I have 4 heads made in 11/14 and one made on 08/11 These are very rare but I am letting them go for $99.95 each. I will make a deal on all 5

Whelen Red 700 Series  LED  B T T Heads

Whelen red 700 series BTT Brake, tail, Turn LED light heads simple 3 wire hook up. Has rapid pulse brake setting for extra attention. These work great. There is some silicon on bottom that was used by ist owner to install them that you can easily remove with razor blade or just leave it. Sold as shown $179.95 for PAIR

Whelen Red 500 Series Corner LED's Liberty

Whelen 500 series red LIN 12 fully populated corner 12 bulb light heads. These fit Whelen LFL or Liberty LED bars. I have 1 available for $169.95

Whelen Clear 500 Series Corner LED's Liberty

Whelen 500 series clear LIN 12 fully populated corner 12 bulb light heads. These fit Whelen LFL or Liberty LED bars. I have a pair in perfect condition for only $299.95 for BOTH.

Whelen Patriot, LFL, Liberty New Amber Lens

Whelen LFL, Patriot, Liberty Amber lens. I have 2 brand new 15.80 inch amber lenses. A customer ordered lenses for his Whelen Edge series and the dealer sent him these. I took them in trade. They are brand new. These are hard to find in color. Replace a faded or cracked lens today. $34.95 each. I will make a deal on both so I don’t own them for the rest of my life.

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Whelen Pioneer LED Work / Back up Lights

Whelen Pioneer LED Work lights. These are amazing. They blow anything away I have ever seen. These are barely used. Was on a back rack as back up lights and light up the street. You get the pair with mounting brackets for $389.95 

Amber Whelen Custom Mini Bar

Whelen custom amber minibar # 659 has 4 linear strobes. The bulbs have no black ends for a long life. Included are 2 clear halogen work lights or back up lights. This bar is a custom build and has 2 alley lights. It has brand new bright amber lenses and a new power cord. The power supply has both quad and turbo flash. This is in nice clean condition to give you many years of use. Mounting feet included. $379.95

Side view of above

Side view of above mini bar # 659

Whelen 500 series BLUE LED light heads for the Whelen LFL / Liberty FLASH SALE $29.95 !!!!

Super special. These list for $229.95 ea when new. My normal is $129.95 each used. NOW ONLY $29.95 each. Mention FLASH SALE $29.95 !!! HURRY NOT A TYPO ! $29.95 EACH !!! super special : get a 4 pack for only 99.95 !! Only while they last. new lower price . almost sold  out  hurry

Whelen LFL  Clear Lens Kit Deal

Whelen LFL Liberty or LFL series Clear lens kit. This is for the 48.5 inch standard size bar. You get 4 sections of 15.75 inch and 4 sections of 5.75 inch lens. I am also throwing in 6 clear dividers with nice gaskets. These lenses are a 9 out of 10 for condition on side that faces you. I did NOT even have to polish them. If you need endcaps I have other kits available. I have 2 kits at this price of $79.95. Stk # LK 092617001& Stk # LK 092617002

Whelen Liberty II  AMBER LED's

Whelen Liberty II AMBER LED’s . These are the fully populated corner 12 bulb LED’s. Barely used, these were manufactured in 2015 and on a shelf before actual use. I have 4 available in pristine condition. Only $149.95 each


IMPORTANT: we just purchases 2 large vehicles full of lights and parts.  Due to the amount we will NOT be listing parts, endcaps, lenses or bulbs in the " new arrival" section. They can be found under the icons at top of page for " Lenses & Endcaps" ,   "Parts" and  "Bulbs & Lightheads" 

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