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Federal Speakers.   Use The Brands The Police and Fire Use

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Federal CP 25 A-3 Chrome Speaker 

Federal CP 25 A-3 Chrome speaker.    I am letting this  go for $179.95  as shown.  This is the same price I have had for years. I have not raised it. These are hard to find especially  not beat up.  Has the mount on bottom just not in pic.  NOT broken off. has the bolt holes !  only $179.95      Must  UPS   Does  not fit in  usps  flat rate  box.

Siren Speaker Package for Off Road  ATV UTV  Vehicles

ATV UTV Off Road SIREN  Package. This is fully self contained. The speaker has the built in multi tone siren and airhorn.   NO need to buy a separate $200.00 speaker and a separate $250.00 plus  siren. This has it all for less than half the price. simple  12 V hook up.  simply connect one wire to momentary switch for airhorn. only needs 1 switch to activate siren.  choose from many tones many never heard before. This is a brand new prototype from the manufacturer. Tones are incredible.  Includes mounting bracket. Nice long  cable. Perfect for Police-Fire - EMS- Search & Rescue  off road vehicles. only $229.95

Sterling Siren Fire Alarm 6 Volt Vintage Siren

Vintage Sterling Siren Fire Alarm Company.   Rochester NY FREE ROLLING  6 Volt  model 20  . This measures aprox 12 inches long. It is in excellent condition. If using it for your collection or display , you can demo it on 12 volts  for a second or 2  but it is a 6 volt. Original mount included.  This is very rare. Perfect for your restoration. I have never even seen one before. The pic  below shows the name plate.   Only asking $ 499.95

Sterling Siren Fire Alarm Nameplate pic 

Nameplate pic  for the above Sterling Siren Fire Alarm Company.   Rochester NY FREE ROLLING  6 Volt  model 20  

12 volt 100 watt Electric Air Horn for Emergency Vehicles.

12 volt 100 watt Electric Air Horn for Emergency Vehicles. This is a great way to move traffic. This is the AIR HORN tone normally found in sirens. A great way to move traffic for the volunteer EMT, Firefighter that is not allowed to have a siren. A must for the tow truck or snow plow. This is legal as it is NOT A SIREN. It ONLY has HORN TONE. Simple push button operation. Plugs into your 100 watt speaker. If you need a speaker I have them or you can easily find one on ebay. This horn is almost impossible to find without buying the illegal siren that you can’t even have in your car. Only $199.95

Whelen Cencom Gold Siren / Switchbox Combo

Whelen Cencom Gold. This is the Police / Fire package. Has built in siren multi tones. Controls your lightbar and more. The mic is included and so is the ever so important programming disk. Has all the wires. This went for close to $1,000.00 when new now only $ 399.95. Remember , the Siren is built in

Delta Touchmaster Siren

Federal Delta Touchmaster Siren. Unitrol series. Has sweep. Sires also controls your lights and accessories. It has the RLS new digital siren tone everyone wants. Simple hook up . has mic included that works! Just arrived 8-16-19 in great condition as shown $ 389.95

Whelen Siren Mic.

Whelen siren mic. This has the phono plug. Works great. I just got 2 on 8-16-19. Also works on Federal Delta Touchmaster and code 3 sirens. Only $ 49.95 each.

 Federal 12 volt Vintage Siren

Federal 12 volt vintage siren. This has the red body as made pre chrome days, it is very loud and starts right up. No hesitation or rubbing, spins freely. You can easily touch up any paint blems. Letting it go for $499.95 very rare item. Brand new battery positive cable ( not pictured) Included

Whelen HF 295 Siren Mic

Whelen HF 295 Siren Mic with connector. Works great. $59.95

Federal 12 volt Vintage Siren

Federal Director vintage siren . Everything works but the mic. great as a movie prop or collection. Only $ 125.95    stk SIR 070319002

Federal Jetsonic Center Dome with Speaker

Federal Jetsonic JS A1black center dome with a Federal 100 watt speaker. This is loud as hell. Nice and clean only $ 149.95

Federal MS 4000 Mini Siren

Federal MS 4000 mini siren. This has Wail, Yelp. Airhorn & Manual modes. Simple hook up. The mounting bracket is included. This is brand new in box with all instructions . I am letting it go for $179.95 

Federal  Non Working Vintage Siren

 Federal Director vintage siren. This is being sold as Parts ONLY. Great as a movie prop or collectible. You can hear the tones fire up but no output from speaker wires. Could be a loose wire or the output amp. ( That’s why you don’t buy these at shows, I was told it was working) . I am taking a loss at this price. I am selling it as a prop or for your wall. Great for Movie car. You may even be able to get it working. FOR PARTS ONLY $ 59.95 stk sir 070619002 

Code 3 V Con Siren

 Code 3 V Con siren Multi tone. nice and clean. Has PA mic simple hook up.Stk sir 050519001 only $169.95

Carson SA 500 Siren

Carson Sa 500 siren has PA, Airhorn, multi tones with phaser over ride. Airhorn over ride, clear crisp PA system, radio rebroadcast. Nice condition. A Console  mount is included ( $30.00 value )  at no extra charge. This is very loud. My neighbors will verify that. ( I had to test it lol) $ 149.95  Easy hook up stk # sir 122918001

Federal Dynamax Speaker Mounting Bracket

Federal Dynamax speaker mounting bracket. Fits the Federal Dynamax and other sub compact speakers. Made for the 2007Ford Expedition and 2012 Explorer but FITS MANY OTHER VEHICLES. I have this brand new in package for $29.95. 

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Code 3 Replacement remote siren

Code 3 remote siren and control head. This was pulled from a firetruck before trade in and they would not let me cut wires. it has no cables. I am selling it as a replacement for your burned out unit or to replace your remote head. It is model 39XX. You can also order the cables on line. I am selling this super low for only $199.95 so you can use it to replace your burned out one.

Whelen GAMMA 2 Siren

Whelen GAMMA 2 brand new siren. This is brand new and comes with many different features. It is small and compact, a huge value for your money. Multi tone and airhorn. I am even throwing ion a new face plate mount for center console, a $30.00 value free. Only $149.95 Installation manual included.

Federal PA 300 siren

Federal PA 300 has wail, yelp, hi-lo airhorn & PA mic. Very loud and clear. Center console mounting brackets are included. Works great but needs plug . Has the plug side on siren. Replace a burned out siren today. Plugs into your existing cable. Only $ 139.95 stk # SIR 090217005

Whelen  WS 295 Classic siren

Whelen WS -295 classic siren. This has Wail, Yelp & Hi- Low. Manual does not activate but light is on. The mic does not work. I am letting it go for only $89.95. If you don’t need a mic , this is a great deal May be a dirty connection. I did not open it. $89.95 stk # SIR 090217004

Whelen Hf  200 Watt Siren

Whelen 200 watt siren has multi tones wail yelp phazer airhorn. NO PA or MIC as some vol FF cant behave as the chief put it. Includes wiring harness.   being sold as  * NON WORKING PA FUNCTION *Stk # sir 090217003 . Only $119.95 

Whelen Hf  200 Watt Siren

Whelen HF siren. Has HF, Airhorn, Wail, Yelp, Piercer. This had the mic removed by Chief as vol. FF would not stop playing games with it. If you don’t need a mic, why pay for one.  * BEING SOLD AS NO WORKING PA FUNCTION* This includes the simple wiring harness. Stk # sir 090217002 $129.95

Whelen Hf 295 SA1 LX  200 Watt Siren

Whelen HF SA1 LX series siren. This is a heavy duty 200 watt with many options. Pa, Radio, Airhorn, 3 tones with sub tones. The easy to use wiring harness is included . I am throwing in a set of console mounts as shown, This is very loud. $199.95 cash firm. NO TRADES . stk. # Sir 090217001

100 Watt Siren With P A  

SA 500 siren. This has the noise cancelling mic. Has wail yelp, Phaser , Airhorn and PA. Works great. Only $129.95 sir 081417001 

Whelen siren stk # sir051017002 

Whelen siren stk # sir051017002 has pa, manual, hf multi tones to use. Mic in nice working condition. Very loud. Only $139.95

Federal PA 300 siren 

Federal PA 300 siren has airhorn, mic/pa 3 tones and manual. Simple 4 wire hook up. Stock # sir 051017001 only $139.95 

Federal Signal Slim AIRHORN

 Siren tones have been deactivated. This fits almost anywhere. Completely LEGAL as you can NOT activate the siren. Great for tow, snow plows or volunteer emergency personal cars. $139.95

Federal Interceptor 400 Siren

 Federal interceptor 400 siren with pa and slide/ pushbutton switchbox. This siren from Federal has all the bells and whistles you could ever want. Air horn and manual siren over ride all tones. PA and mic work great. Slide 3 position switch has 50 amp max or 30 per position. Full instruction manual available. Only $349.95 in great working condition.

Whelen HF295 Siren with PA, Airhorn, Multi tones

 This one has a console mount included at no cost.  ALL functions work.  Only $199.95 includes power plug/harness stk SIR050116001

Motorola Astro Spectra 2 way Radio Mic

 This is in nice condition and even has the plug to connect to your radio. Almost impossible to find just a working mic as most come with the whole radio. We will let this go for only $49.95

Federal PA 300 Siren MIC

This is the 4 wire mic to replace a broken one on your Federal PA 300. Price is $39.95

Federal PA 300 Siren MIC

This is the 3 wire mic to replace a broken one on your Federal PA 300. Price is $39.95 each. I have 2 available

Federal PA 300 Siren

Federal PA 300 siren has PA, airhorn, multi siren tones. This is a nice unit for short money. Very loud. $149.95 stk SIR100515002

Whelen siren 295hfsa6

This is a multi function siren and switchbox. Has the 3 position slide for front, rear, all. Also several push button switches for accessories. Siren has airhorn and many tones. PA is nice and clear. Simple hook up. I am including a free face plate if you want to mount it in a center console. This was almost $600.00 when new. Now only $219.95 stock sir100515001

Whelen 100 watt/200 watt siren and switchbox combo. 

The Whelen 295hfs features airhorn, 6 programmable siren tones you choose from many with the push of a button. Included is the PA system and 3 position slid switch for your lightbar. Front, Rear, All. It also features 5 push button switches for accessories and 1 momentary switch. The center console brackets are included if you want to mount it in a console. This lists for well over $600.00 when new. We are letting it go for only $329.95. Stock #Sir093015001


We have over 50 speakers that are heavy duty police grade. There are simply too many to list individually and they move daily. The average price is $99.95 each in perfect working condition. We will test them right in front of you. Call us to visit our showroom. Majority are Whelen. The rest are Federal. The top names. NO CHINESE JUNK.

Whelen Programmable Siren & SWITCHBOX

This has multiple programmable tones. You have 3 positions and when you push manual, you change to another bank of 3 tones. You can have 6 tones at once programmed . Currently has wail, yelp, phazer, powercall, mechanical and hyper yelp. You can choose from several more and one button programming. The airhorn over rides the siren with a tap of the button. Includes working mike for PA and has radio rebroadcast. This siren has the built in switch box to control almost your entire vehicle. Includes the 3 position slide switch and many push switches. A nice face plate center console mount included. This sells new for almost $700.00. Made in 2012. I will let it go for $349.95

Code 3 siren # 38924L

It has a slide switch for lights and other light functions. it also has a multi tone siren with pa and airhorn and manual tones. this is over $400.00 when new. This one can go for $195.99

Whelen 100 watt Extra Large Police Grade Speaker Driver

 It also has an extra large cone on it that is hard to find. In great working condition as shown. $149.95

Whelen Large Push Bumper

 Whelen large push bumper twin strobe has TWO 3x7 clear strobes and a Federal 100 watt speaker. This also includes 2 RED lenses that attach over the clear lenses. Includes 2 nice long strobe cables. These use 2 outlets on your power supply. Only $299.95 You get sets of lenses Both Red and Clear !!

Code 3 Siren 

Code 3 siren with airhorn, manual, multi tones, radio repeat, and optional mic input.  I don't have the mic so was unable to test PA function $129.95

Code 3 Siren & Switchbox Combo

Code 3 multi tone siren with airhorn and p.a. It includes an extra long cable from the unit to the control head. Switchbox has the 3 position slide switch for front, rear or all. This has a slide switch for your lightbar front, rear, and both. Also has 6 push button switches for alley, work lights and others. This lists new for over $800.00 . The mic is included . Base unit stays hidden under seat. Control head easily mounts in a console. Only $349.95             FLASH SALE $299.95                                                                                                                          


Whelen HF 295 Siren

 Has multi tones, Airhorn, Airhorn to siren over ride. simple hook up . no mike or pa. why pay more for a feature you may not need.   * Being sold as " Non functioning PA *  Only $ 159.95

Federal PA 300 Siren

This has multiple tones. It also has the airhorn. Wiring harness included. Simple plug and play. The mic was removed per department so there is NO PA feature. * Being sold as " Non functioning PA "    Only $149.95

Federal PA 300 Siren

Federal PA 300 siren with air horn & multi tones. PA/Mike not included as it has been disconnected.   * Being sold as " Non functioning PA "Only $149.95 works great. 2 available.

Motorola External Radio Mic

 Can be used with any scanner, any brand 2 way radio, C.B, Ham radio & more. Has swivel bracket mount. Made by the best: Motorola. $49.95

Federal Unitrol siren model 7201

 Has many tones and controls. Rear plugs NOT included. $199.95. AMPLIFIER NOT INCLUDED. Hooks up to YOUR amplifier. selling for parts only . out of production. WILL CONSIDER SERIOUS OFFER

Whelen HF 295 Siren

Whelen HF 295 siren has wail, yelp, piercer, airhorn, radio repeat. this does NOT have a mike . If you dont need a PA, why pay for it. * Being sold as " Non functioning PA " 

Only $ 129.95

Code 3 Siren & Switchbox

 Has wail, yelp hi/lo airhorn , pa with mike. Also has slide switch for your lightbar and 4 push button switches. This is very loud and a great deal at $199.95

Whelen 100 watt Speaker Push Bar

Whelen 100 watt speaker push bar with 2 whelen split red lens linear strobes. This is beyond loud. This sells new for around $700.00 range. Works great only $299.95

Whelen HF 295 SA5 Siren

Whelen HF 295 SA5 siren features, P.A. Radio repeat, wail, yelp, phazer & airhorn. This is used but in great working condition. Has many switches for your lightbar and other lights. It comes with the plug and wires for easy installation. This cost $700.00 when new . I will let it go used for $ 299.95

Assorted Speakers

Assorted speakers start at $99.95 We have over 40 used speakers in stock from Whelen, Federal & Code 3 . The standard size starts at $99.95. Some even have mounting brackets.

100 Watt Speakers. $99.95 and up

Whelen 100 watt Speaker

Whelen 100 watt speaker to fit any whelen edge lightbar. Sits on top same ones the state police use. New cost $349.95 will sell for $ 199.95 ( only 4 left ) SUPER SPECIAL. Now $99.95 each plus shipping. I just lowered the price by $100.00 so you cant cry about the shipping. Average price priority mail is $25.00 + depending where you live.