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Signal Stat Amber Vintage Light Bar

Signal Stat Vintage 52 inch amber light bar # 774. This fully functions. Has 4 revolving sealed beam bulbs and 2 rear sealed beam wig wags powered by a Federal Signal flasher. Has bottom bracket for different mount options.  Front has speaker grill. The domes a r nice and shiny. Made in 1983. Looks like just left factory. Was in a collection on wall. Can easily be put into service or on your wall. $ 449.95  

Federal Red / Clear MIni Aerodynic

Federal Aerodynic red / clear mini lightbar. # 743 This came off a small town fire truck that was housed indoors. It did not see much use. It was then part of a collector’s display. The light has 2 revolving halogen reflectors. Mirrors add extra flash, the color of lens is RCCR with clear end caps. The lenses were in great shape but I did a 3 phase restoration on them anyway and they gleam.  Can go right into use but belongs in a display. Only $279.95 

Federal Powerlight 184 Base / Shroud , Motor, w Badge & Connector

Federal Powerlight # 184 Base / shroud with badge ( logo) & the brass electronic plate the bulbs connect to on top. The MOTOR is Included and works great. You also get the 3 tall mounting bolts under the base. Only $ 119.95 Great for a rebuild. Sold as shown


3 M Vintage Opitcom

3 M Opticom Vintage Light changing strobe. This came off a fire truck. it weighs almost 25 pounds. the strobe bulb is filled with cooling fluid. It does NOT operate as far as i know. you get the control head but there is no plug for it. was last manufactured 50 years ago. cost almost a grand back then.  This looks like it is new but it really is a half century old. Was on a collector's shelf.   I am selling it for display purposes only or as a movie prop  for $149.95. I have 2 available.  again. NOT OPERATING

Federal Vintage Chrome 100 Watt Speaker

Federal vintage 100 watt chrome speaker. This is from the, 80s. works great.  these are hard to find in working condition. I Have 3 available and that's it The best ones will sell the fastest

Federal 12 volt Vintage Siren

Federal Director vintage siren . Everything works but the mic. great as a movie prop or collection. Only $ 125.95    stk SIR 070319002

 Federal 12 volt Vintage Siren

Federal 12 volt vintage siren. This has the red body as made pre chrome days, it is very loud and starts right up. No hesitation or rubbing, spins freely. You can easily touch up any paint blems. Letting it go for $499.95 very rare item  Brand new battery positive cable ( not pictured) Included

Federal 12 volt Vintage Siren

Federal Director vintage siren This has all the functions work. Even The Mic. Only $ 159.95    stk SIR 070319001

Whelen LED Tank Fluid Level Light- Fire Truck use

Whelen LED 4 color Fluid level indicator tank light. This is the one that sits on the side of the fire truck to tell you how much water is left in the tank. It has red blue green and yellow LED’s each on it's own wire. Yes, you can run it on a battery in your mancave because it looks cool. Yes, you can add a LED flasher and it looks awesome. NO you cant legally put it on your dash and pull over cars. Pic was taken on angle because LED’s were too bright for camera. This is from top   down.  Head on is blinding.  Brand new $ 99.95 I’m listing it under collectible also because it’s just a cool toy to have.  

Whelen 8000 Red Super Strobe Lenses

Rare Whelen Super Strobe 8000 Lenses. These have the clear “Take Down” window in front. I believe they are a model 8000 but they definitely fit the Whelen Super Strobe . ( I changed lenses) I am letting the PAIR go for $199.95

Dietz 7-50 Blue Vintage Lights

Blue vintage Dietz 7-50 lights. I have a matched pair. I completely broke these down. Washed every part. Completely restored lenses with polish and U.V protection. Polished all chrome. Original bulbs. I have more time invested than what I’m asking for these. Only $129.95 for pair. I looked on Ebay and only found red and amber in horrible condition. These shine ! only $129.95 for pair 

Stealth Rare Red & Clear Strobe Mini Bar

Red and Clear Stealth mini bar. # 717. This was never used. Has original box. Was only taken out to show. Has the black mount bracket for the magnets that are included. Has amazing flash pattern. 2 red strobes and a lower level clear in center. The light bar is shaped like the Stealth fighter. Only $299.95  

Vintage Federal Director Siren

Federal Director Vintage siren. All tones function. P.A. Mic works. Pa has volume adjustment. This is rare and actually works. Sold as shown with mounts shown. Only $189.95

Stealth Red & Clear Brand New Mini Bar

Red and Clear Stealth mini bar. # 718. This was never used. I opened the sealed box just to test it to make sure it works. This one has the chrome mounting bracket for the magnets that are included. Has amazing flash pattern. 2 red strobes and a lower level clear in center. The light bar is shaped like the Stealth fighter. Only $349.95  

911 EP Red / Amber Collectible Mini LED Light Bar

911 EP collectible LED light bar # 682 has 11 LED amber modules in the front / corner and 11 Red LED modules in the rear and corner. It has 2 clear alley lights. This measures 34 inches long and you can’t quite call it a mini bar. This comes with the LED interface. Without it the light is useless. Other vendors do not include the interface if you can even find these. This is commonly referred to in the collectible as “The Dogbone” due to it’s shape. Very hard to come by. Valued at over $900.00 , I will let it go for $599.95. The mounting feet as shown are included. This can easily go into service but really belongs on a collectors shelf.

Bradford Exchange Collectible Plate

Bradford Exchange “To the Rescue” fireman’s plate display. This was made in 2002 and in original Styrofoam packing box. Includes COA. Plate is brand new and never displayed. It is very collectible . only $49.95

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Coaster Vintage 6 Volt Siren and Light

Coaster vintage 6 volt mechanical siren. I believe this is circa 1950’s which I saw on line. This is very large. The siren spins and functions. The red front bulb takes a G.E. 6-8 volt 4516 clear bulb and needs to be replaced. Someone tested it on 12v. and blew it. Very common bulb as it is still made for flashlights. There is a motor that makes bulb turn that works but may need a belt or adjusting. Light and spinner is a separate wire from siren. This has the original badging. Serial # C – 601 Model C 6. Mfg. by Federal Electric Co. Chicago IL. This is very collectible. Valued at 8-$900.00 . I am willing to let it go for $599.95 as shown. Too heavy to ship. For local pick up only. I can test this for a second with 12v so I don’t burn out motor. Spins freely with no lag or fighting to start up. Perfect for a restoration of a fire truck or the serious collector. Again, only $599.95 in condition as described and shown. See below pics also.

Front View of above coaster siren

front view of above coaster siren above

Badge on above coaster siren

Badge on above coaster siren above

Stealth Collectible Strobe Mini Bar # 643

Stealth Amber Clear Vintage Collectible Mini Bar # 643 has 2 amber inner top strobes and 1 clear center lower strobe. This has a unique flash pattern and has a brand new strobe pack from the factory. I just restored the lens and it looks great. It has 4 magnets for mounting and a lighter plug with switch. This works great and can be used for plowing or land scaping but it belongs ON A WALL for Collectors !!! Very rare. It is shaped like the Stealth Bomber. $299.95 FIRM

Whelen Advantedge Vintage Light Bar # 640

Whelen Advantedge Vintage Collectible Fully Loaded lightbar # 640. The back is all blue with clear sections built into the lens. The front is Red clear and blue clear. ( you can move red to rear if you want and the blue to front)This light features halogen rotators, 2 rear red wigwags, a set of red blue wig wags for total 4. 2 clear front take down lights. Alley lights and 2 clear piercer lights with built in strobe power supply. This light is fully loaded with every option. It even includes the mounting feet and clamps to put it into service. This is on my wall as a personal collectible in my mini museum but I would be willing to sell it. This can NOT BE SHIPPED. I will let it go for $499.95 FIRM. The piercer strobe pack alone runs $150.00 if you can even find one  

Rear of Advantedge bar # 640  above

Rear of Advantedge lightbar # 640

Federal Twinsonic Vista # 284

Custom one of a kind. The story goes like this: one evening a federal twinsonic in his 40”s hooked up with a vista in her twenties.It’s ok, it was consentual. Anyway, 9 months later came the results…. A red twinsonic lightbar with a vista heavy duty power supply and 4 front facing strobes !! this one of a kind light is great for the serious collector for a rec room or man cave. This is perfect for a band, club, or d.j. only one in existance $ 449.95

Whelen Red vintage ROTA-BEAM with base

Whelen RED vintage ROTA-BEAM RBII vintage light. This runs nice and lens is polished as shown. This one has the rubber base. Only $139.95 all ready to go.

Federal TwinSonic Amber Vintage Light Bar # 606

This has 4 sealed beam bulbs. This also has the “ X” mirrors for additional flashes and X pattern. This is from the early 80’s. I spent several hours rehabbing the lenses and they are now nice and see thru. This is for the serious collector but can be put into service if needed. This is very rare, especially in AMBER. Only $499.95

Whelen RED Superstrobe Red Vintage Lens

Whelen Superstrobe VINTAGE 8000 lens . This fits the Whelen Super Strobe from the 70’s. It has the top black decal still on it but it is commonly removed. This is nice and shiny. Not scratched, gouged or cloudy. No spider webbing. This lens is commonly referred to as the ‘Bathtub” I have one available for $129.95. VERY RARE

Faraday Fire Alarm Pull Station

Faraday mechanical pull box for fire alarm. Being sold as a collectible or novelty. $19.95

Whelen Advantedge Black Logo Strip

Whelen Advantedge black logo strip for the Advantedge light bar. This fits the 72 inch bar. You get a section that’s 53 inches and a 20 inches as whelen never made a 72 solid. One is in 3 sections. You get enough for both sides. This is very rare. Great for a restore. Only $59.95 for all.

Whelen Advantedge Mirrors  vintage

Whelen Advantedge diamond mirrors. You get 4 “ v” sections. 2 make a diamond. You use one set per side of a full size light bar. Only $29.95 for all 4 sections FIRM. 

Whelen Advantedge  X Large Rotators   vintage

Whelen Advantedge x large rotators with motors and bulbs. I just got these. They are the rare extra large size. I have 4 available as shown. They attach with plastic push in screws and double side tape. I am throwing is some screws at no cost. These are available for $59.95 EACH. These are impossible to find. You can buy 1 or all 4

Federal Sign And Signal Name plate Military model MS 51317 

Federal Sign And Signal Name plate Military model MS 51317 . Original, Not a reproduction $ 30.00 Very Rare

Sireno Name plate model R 5  

Sireno Name plate model R 5 . Original, Not a reproduction $ 25.00

Federal Sign And Signal Name plate model O2A  

Federal Sign And Signal Name plate model O2A . Original, Not a reproduction $ 25.00

Whelen Vintage Blue Endcap

Whelen Blue endcap for Edge 9000. This is a lighter blue with the horizontal seam up the middle. It has the alley light window. On the inner side the gasket is recessed into the lens and it does not have the bottom tab like on newer ones. It is NOT broken off. It was made without it. The collectors will know what I am talking about. Restore your vintage Edge bar to original with this endcap for only $49.95 Stk EC 061817001

Federal Sign And Signal Name plate model L-1 

Federal Sign And Signal Name plate model L-1 24Volt . Original, Not a reproduction $ 25.00

General Electric EZ 19 C speaker name plate

General Electric EZ 19 C speaker name plate. Original. Not a reproduction $20.00

Federal Sign and Signal CP 25 speaker name plate

Federal Sign and Signal CP 25 speaker name plate. Original. Not a reproduction $20.00

Cast products speaker name plate

Cast products speaker name plate. Original. Not a reproduction $15.00

Custom Cab Vehicle Logo

Custom Cab vehicle logo plate with push in mounts. $20.00

Vintage Code 3 figure 8 Warbler

Vintage collectible sealed beam figure 8 motorized traffic clearing assembly for the Code 3 Force 4 XL. Can be mounted in center or behind the clear take down window. Very rare $149.95  EACH.  I have 2 available from the same light

Sho –Me Stealth AMBER Inner Lenses

These fit the Stealth mini bar. These for the model that starts with 23. ( There are only 2 models) These are impossible to find anywhere. Again, this is the hard to find model 23. I have a set of 3 for only $75.00

Whelen Vintage 4 Outlet Power Supply for your Edge 9000.

This is the double flash, extra large capacitor style. This has MALE pins on the outlet side of the board. This is from the late 70’s early 80’s. This is nearly impossible to find, especially in such nice condition. I got this from a collectible display after the lightbar fell off the wall. Lenses destroyed, power supply remains perfect. Stock # ps 102816003 $159.95

Whelen Rotabeam lens assembly and 3 lenses $59.95

Fireman's 3 piece clamp set. $24.95

Whelen Rotabeam glass inner lens $14.95

North American Signal Co. Action Light. Chicago IL

Rare Light amber 3 sealed Beam revolving light. Has Heavy duty motor. This a dark yellow and not amber. 3 bulb lights. Also has the magnet base. this is circa 1970. According to the factory, it could be a model 300 MA-A but i can not guarantee it is as the plate is worn down. no longer made. $ 289.95

Whelen Advantedge Logo Strip

Whelen Advantedge logo strip for the front & rear of your Advantedge lightbar. This has both logo’s. this has been out of production since the 70’s . they are in great condition. Only $ 20.00 for both front & rear !!!Front is 39 in. rear is 47 in.